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Paddy Roberts – 11 December 1978

From Dick Wise

I am a writer researching the Harrier sales campaign to China, during the 1970s. On 11 December 1978, Flt lt Paddy Roberts, based at RAF Wittering flew a demonstration flight for a Chinese minister at BAe Dunsfold. During his demo there was a problem, which caused John Farley, the Chief Test Pilot at Dunsfold, to write to Paddy Roberts “I’m extremely sorry you had to suffer a fright, Paddy. and so glad you managed to sort it out without in being in the least apparent to watchers outside, that you had such a drama going on inside.”

I would be grateful if Mr Roberts would contact me to describe the background to events on 11 December 1978
tel 01428 729319

I’ve got no contact details for Paddy – can anybody help?

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