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Pete Collins – Inquest

Very sad. He leaves a lovely family, close friends, many great memories and rip-roaring adventures. Depression, such a cruel punishment…

» Posted By jimfernie On 19/3/2017 @ 15:08

Were You On The Sqn in November 1993?


» Posted By jimfernie On 8/2/2017 @ 15:46

Can I assist?

I was the pilot of ZD432 who was assisted by one Peshmerga in particular, during my extraction by US Army Blackhawk. I returned to the nearby village on a subsequent tour of duty on Op Provide Comfort and again met the individual. I thought he was called Mohammed, but maybe this is him. I am sure I would recognise him, if you could send me a photo?

You may be aware that the ADR and ejection seat were recovered from the village chiefs (after an initially fruitless search) on delivery of 21 pregnant goats!

Feel free to PM me, or Chris has my email address.

Regards, Jim

» Posted By jimfernie On 1/2/2017 @ 13:24

Pete Collins’s Funeral

Pete was on IV(AC) with me, mid-80’s under Tony McKeon. A bloody good pilot and friend. What happened? Saw him last year and he was fit & well. And punchy with it, as always. RIP COL.

» Posted By jimfernie On 27/8/2016 @ 23:14

White Camouflage?

I vaguely recall using this arctic camo’ scheme (as used by 1 Sqn for their northern Norway deployments) at that time to differentiate bounce/aggressor aircraft. Which makes sense as P/XZ135 is shown in clean fit (strakes, no guns) with captive ‘winder, and we generally used the T4 as bounce for the same dissimilar reason (and less fuel). Chris, my logbook has us both in ZB600 on 6 Oct 83 doing a 2v2 SAP bounce!

End of ’83 we were working up for IV(AC)’s second deployment to the Falklands (and an up-coming Maple Flag), which involved a lot of bounced 100′ ULL SAPs out of Lossiemouth. The Falklands work up went something like this: SAP phase, ULL phase, ACT phase, Trappers, deploy to Stanley.

» Posted By jimfernie On 25/12/2015 @ 05:23

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