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4 Sqn Final Beer Call – Selected Responses

You’re on the list, Nigel!

» Posted By webmaster On 12/3/2022 @ 10:20


| Although we tried to reach you the job of recce was to just take pictures of the landscape -not to take half of it back to Gutersloh with you from the field!

Is there more to this story?

» Posted By webmaster On 15/7/2018 @ 20:33

Tony Chaplin RIP

Great stuff, Geoff! Love your comments!

» Posted By webmaster On 15/7/2018 @ 20:32

Where’s This Castle? (Yes, Germany!)

Quick reply:

Ragnar Very Stable Genius @Frostblade_ Replying to @chrispar and @BAESystemsAir It’s Schloss Waldeck in Germany

» Posted By webmaster On 25/1/2018 @ 20:33

Were You On The Sqn in November 1993?

Hey Jim,

I’ve only just got hold of Gareth’s email, so expect a message from him before long.

You’re still j****

» Posted By webmaster On 8/2/2017 @ 15:10

Thanks Jim. I’ll pass this on to Gareth and I’m sure he’ll be in touch.

» Posted By webmaster On 1/2/2017 @ 13:25

Field Deployments by Al Holman

From Dave Atkinson:

It was interesting to read the posts from Al Holman re the books and his 4 Sqdn period.

I was a Nav Inst mech on 20 at Wildenrath 1971 – 73 and have good memories of Flt Lt Holman as he was back then on 20. Al and his wife used to socialise with the ground crew at the Rugby Club etc but, if I remember correctly, they were told not to. He was one of the best and remember him being on TV down in the Falklands shortly after that conflict finished.

I wonder if he has contributed the events of his wheels up landing at Geseke in XW766? It was a 3 Sqdn jet on loan to 20 at the time and, after repair, it flew again 14 months later.

» Posted By webmaster On 20/2/2017 @ 17:16

Yes, pretty sure Al was on 20 then IV, although I saw the Sqn markings as 1 Sqn! Bah!

» Posted By webmaster On 17/11/2016 @ 14:02

Hi Geoff – please send me some stories and photos!

» Posted By webmaster On 16/11/2016 @ 18:27

Pete Collins’s Funeral

Thanks for that Jim – I’d forgotten that Pete was on IV after I left.

» Posted By webmaster On 2/9/2016 @ 17:17

Dave Binnie RIP

Hi Geoff,

Nice to see you here.

I’ll put some words up here later after the funeral…

» Posted By webmaster On 2/9/2014 @ 12:22

Hear, hear.

» Posted By webmaster On 26/8/2014 @ 18:28

Lost Members

Thanks for the info re. Colin Medhurst – I’ve now updated my records. Des was at the Sqn event when the Sqn became IV(R) at Wittering, some five years ago. Still going strong then, donated a painting to the Sqn to commemorate the event.

» Posted By webmaster On 30/5/2014 @ 12:38

MPs outraged as consultants get £1.1m from deal to axe Harriers

Yes, completely outrageous. (Sorry I didn’t publish your note to me in December about this – best to post directly as you are doing!)

» Posted By webmaster On 27/1/2012 @ 11:31

Chris Johnson – Service & Funeral

Yes, I believe so. I don’t have any more details – perhaps John Wickham does?

» Posted By webmaster On 22/2/2012 @ 11:31

IV Sqn Centenary – It’s RAF Valley, 21-23 September

I’ve just received some accommodation details for the local area from the Sqn – I’ll try to post them later today.


» Posted By webmaster On 22/2/2012 @ 10:23

100th Anniversary Poll Results – Win for Wittering

Wittering might be closed by September, Mike…

» Posted By webmaster On 13/1/2012 @ 12:36

100th Anniversary – Your Input Required!

86 replies to the poll so far. I’m going to leave it running until the weekend then take it down and crunch the numbers.

» Posted By webmaster On 3/1/2012 @ 11:42

Wow – 15 responses in the first 90 minutes! Keep it up!

» Posted By webmaster On 21/12/2011 @ 13:49

Harrier Force Association: Informal Annual Get-together

Hi Mike, This has all been organised by the HFA, I’m just passing the message on…

» Posted By webmaster On 21/10/2011 @ 12:34

IV Squadron Reforming!

No plans yet, it will be published here as soon as anything is decided…

» Posted By webmaster On 24/8/2011 @ 13:37

It will the the BAe Hawk.

» Posted By webmaster On 15/8/2011 @ 15:06

Dump Jets

My son (RN pilot) told me that this wasn’t the case. The rumour was, I think, all the Harriers for £40M, but apparently it’s not true.

» Posted By webmaster On 23/8/2011 @ 11:51

Reversing the defence cuts is one U-turn Cameron should take

I mentioned that to my son earlier today (he’s a pilot in the Navy) and he said that it wasn’t true.

» Posted By webmaster On 19/6/2011 @ 18:12

16-Ship Video: It’s Not War

From Iain Mackinnon 1(F) Sqn: Thank you for the brilliant video. As No1 Sqn Association member I had a wonderful day with you all at Cottesmore in November Many thanks for your kindness on such sad times. A photograph was taken at the end of the hanger of all the assembled group but we have never seen any copies. Can you help? Bryan Baker (Ex OC No 1 ) and myself came up from Tangmere where we work as volunteers at the museum. Please check out We still hope to see some of you visiting us down here at the home of No1 Sqn To all the ground crew Cheers! Remember our motto Ubendum Wemendum Regards Iain Mackinnon Eng/Mec (T) 4183295 Sir…

» Posted By webmaster On 15/4/2011 @ 12:21

Cartoons from 1972

Yes please, all contributions gratefully accepted!

» Posted By webmaster On 12/7/2011 @ 12:26

Association Dinner – 28 Jan – Now at the George

Hi Kevin, I’m not planning to do another mass email, I’d rather save that for emergencies and very high priority information. Just check into the website once a week or so, I’ll make sure everybody gets plenty of notice. If you’d like to be alerted to updates to fourfax, simply click on “Entries RSS” on the left, under “Meta”, and then choose which RSS reader you use. Works really well, I get all my news this way (best Mac RSS programme: NetNewsWire). Hope this helps, Chris

» Posted By webmaster On 3/2/2011 @ 13:01

We will definitely make sure everybody gets plenty of notice next time!

» Posted By webmaster On 21/1/2011 @ 17:56

Association Dinner – 28th Jan – Further Details

This dinner will now take place at the George Hotel in Stamford instead of the Officers’ Mess at Wittering – see:

» Posted By webmaster On 20/1/2011 @ 12:06

I don’t suppose you could send a couple of barrels anyway? 😉 Get well soon Mike!

» Posted By webmaster On 18/1/2011 @ 23:00

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