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New Harrier Book – Help Wanted

From the HFA:

Lon Nordeen is an author and former MDC/Boeing marketing manager, now retired, who is working to document the history of the Harrier. Recently a UK publisher came to Lon about a new book which would be focused on the Harrier II. Lon has done 4 books on this topic but is weak […]

RAF100 Cookbook

From Steve Broadhead:

May I take this opportunity to publicise the RAF100 Cookbook and ask if you would pass on the attached poster please?

The book contains 100 stories contributed by serving and former members of the RAF, each entry is about one of the countries the RAF has been present in since 1918 and […]

Were You On The Sqn in November 1993?

From Gareth Burdett:

I would like to contact any Association members who were on IV(AC) Sqn in Nov ’93. An Ops Dir colleague of mine has been approached by a law firm seeking to corroborate the story of a Kurdish asylum seeker, Jamal Obeid Majeid. Jamal claims to have assisted coalition forces in Nov 93 […]

Out of the Blue

Al Holman writes:

Hi Chris,

I wondered if you could publicise the wonderful work that 3 colleagues of mine from my Cranwell days have accomplished.

What was planned over a few beers at a poolside bar in the south of France has been fantastically successful. It was decided to produce a book called “Out Of […]

Pete Collins’s Funeral

I just heard the sad news that Pete Collins died in August.

Pete served on 3 Sqn and IV Sqn at Gutersloh on the Harrier GR3 in the 80’s and had many friends on IV. Condolences to Gudrun and the family.

These are the details for COL’s funeral:

Gudrun asks that people who are planning […]

Harrier Boys, Volume 2

Harrier Boys Vol 2

Harrier Boys, Volume 2: New Technology, New Threats, New Tactics, is now available from the HFA Shop. £18 or £20 signed.

Shell Shock Walk: London 17 September

PTSD Resolution, the charity for forces’ veterans mental health, is organising the first ‘Shell Shock Walk’ in London on Saturday 17th September 2016, from Wandsworth Bridge to Tower Bridge. The walk over 8 miles starts at 13:30 – details are at Eventbrite.

The walk is to highlight the issues of veterans’ mental health resulting from […]

Harrier Boys – Cold War through The Falklands 1969-1990

From the HFA:

Volume 1 of the new book, Harrier Boys – Cold War through The Falklands 1969-1990, is now available from the V/STOL Shop, along with other books, prints, ties etc. Now would be a good time to stock up for christmas!! Go to: V/STOL Shop

Look out for Volume 2 in the New […]

Financial Services Survey

From Mike Jenkins:

I’m trying to do some research about financial services for the military and veterans and their families. I have started a survey with a financial development firm Monitise and I’m trying to get a large sample of people to fill in an online survey – anonymous and data protected. I particularly seek […]

Harrier Boys

Bob Marston has volunteered to compile a Harrier book!


Harrier Boys will join Hunter, Lightning, Buccaneer, Phantom, Jaguar, Victor and Vulcan Boys in the series published by Grub Street. I am looking for interesting personal accounts of working with the Harrier, which together will give the reader an impression of what it was […]

The People’s Mosquito

This looks like a very worthwhile project:

If I might be allowed to introduce myself, I am the Director, Project Engineering & Airframe Compliance, The People’s Mosquito Ltd. We are a charitable organization with but one aim – to restore a Mosquito to flight status, and see it based in the UK, as a flying […]

Hawk T2 Die Cast Models

Hawk T2 Die Cast

From @BrySkye:

Thought I would let you chaps know, the diecast 1/72 IV Sqn “100 Years” Hawk T2 is on sale. £28

And here’s the link: Flying Tigers

Harrier GR3 For Sale!

I wish I had room in my garden!

Jet Art Aviation: Loads of pictures!

Harrier GR3 XZ132

Harrier Display in the UK?


I just signed the petition “Civil Aviation Authority- UK.: Allow Art Nalls to display his ex Royal Navy Sea Harrier at UK Air Shows.” on

It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:!



1/72nd Scale BAe Hawk T2 IV(R) Sqn

Limited edition! Order yours now!

Thanks to @BrySkye for the tip!