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Sqn News – Summer 2017

Royalty, Risk and Runways… What more could you want?

A quiet summer of student sorties and the occasional TacEval (also known as an impromptu party at the house of a Squadron member) or mess function – sounds perfect! Unfortunately not quite what the squadron has had in mind over the last couple of months. Alongside […]

Sqn News – June 2017

The Boss is Dead – Long Live the Boss!

IV (R) Header

The winds of change have arrived at Mighty IV(R) Squadron since the last issue, as we have sadly said goodbye to our illustrious leader, Wing Commander Mounsey (and more importantly to the real driving force behind the Squadron – Mrs Mounsey and […]

The Deci Dozen – IV (R) Sqn Detachment to Decimomannu

Deci Header

On 22 March, 12 Hawk T2s departed Valley to the sunnier climes of Sardinia in the largest overseas detachment of Hawk T2s to date. Over the ensuing two weeks we achieved awesome rates of flying with 3 waves a day fuelled exclusively by pizza and cappuccino. The result was an incredible number […]

Sqn News – May 2017

Pairs Take-Off

Summer has finally arrived! Well, the air temperature has got into double digits and over at the Mighty IV (R) Squadron we are all looking forward to the sea following suit, when we will finally be able to get some respite from our immersion suits for a couple of months. April has […]

Wg Cdr Rob Caine – New Boss of IV(R)

Rob Caine

I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Boss of IV Sqn after I took over from Mou on the 6 Jun. My name is Rob Caine and I have previously been the Exec on IV Sqn, so I am in command and doing my refresher simultaneously […]

Squadron News – March 2017

Hawk T2

Along with not burning anything down since the January issue, and having achieved a good amount of flying considering the time of year, the Squadron has also graduated the long overdue course 17 (despite their best efforts), a signficant achievement that represents a huge amount of work from everyone at RAF Valley, […]

Squadron News – Jan 2017

Mirage 2000

The happy and fun loving members of IV(R) Squadron returned with various wounds of unspecified origin mostly healed after the Christmas break, eager to brave the January storms and return to the air. With silly season completed with just a broken chair, some new carpet and no major visits to A&E in […]

Squadron News – Dec 2016

Hawk T2

Summer arrives at IV Sqn just in time for Night flying. The unusually pleasant weather on Anglesey has led to a very productive couple of months for IV Sqn. This has meant we have been able to catch up on some of the student flying, which was almost stopped during bolthole. All […]

Squadron News – October 2016

With the Anglesey winter nights drawing nearer, happy IV(R) Sqn busy ourselves by fondly recollecting our summer vacation (Bolthole) to St Athan

Hawk T2

Some will warmly reflect on the long summer flying days and boozy Thursday nights in Cardiff, whilst others shudder at the thought of 9+ hour coach journeys or the steep […]

Squadron News – May 2016

RAF Valley’s premier fixed wing flying squadron enter the summer flying season with a plethora of new take off performance figures and a renewed fear of rain, thanks to the ongoing runway resurfacing works. As always most of the squadron’s instructional work continues to be carried out by mighty A-Flt with a total of 4 […]

Squadron News – July 2016


Summer greetings from Happy IV

With the runway resurfacing continuing at pace, the squadron are busy getting ready for the imminent bolthole to St Athan, where we will probably still be at the time of publishing if the runway works over-run (remember – they’re not running late, they just started late!).The planned 4 […]

Squadron News – March 2016

Hawk T2

Forest & Jody

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New Years’ Honour for Wg Cdr Dan Beard OBE

Author: Flt Lt Rhian Watts

Photos: Cpl Andy Ferguson RAF Valley

Story via the RAF Valley Station magazine

Wg Cdr Dan Beard OBE

Wing Commander Dan Beard, formerly OC IV(R) Sqn RAF Valley, has been awarded a OBE in the 2016 New Years Honours List. The award was given for his exceptional commitment as […]

Squadron News – Jan 2016

Hawk T2 Formation


Dubai Air Show

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Squadron News

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