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IV (R) Sqn Summer greetings from Happy IV With the runway resurfacing continuing at pace, the squadron are busy getting ready for the imminent bolthole to St Athan, where we will probably still be at the time of publishing if the runway works over-run (remember – they’re not running late, they just started late!).The planned 4 week deployment will focus on staff training for QFI Cse 11 and further staff skills such as BFM, Advanced Radar and A2 work-ups. At least all the machinery on the air?eld have given the air traf?c controllers the opportunity to finally prove that they are definitely NOT geeks by carefully naming all the various machines after their favourite Transformers character such as Tarmac-atron etc.

You may (or not) have noticed increased activity on 23rd June. This was not the squadron trying to fly all its allocated hours before possible financial meltdown from Brexit, but rather a surge day designed to identify pinch points as we begin to plan possible fyying rate ramp-up to meet the demands for pilots from the recent SDSR. The day was a huge success, with a record number of sorties flown thanks to the massive effort from the engineers and everyone around the station. A big shout out also has to go out to our programmer extraordinaire Mike, whose careful plan ensured that most of the QFIs had a very reasonable day at work and even had time to vote and finish in time for the Squadron Dining-ln night.



The squadron has also continued its ‘daily jogging’ of firing out Visit Instructions and the seemingly never ending task of updating courseware. The period has also seen the terrifying return of the Central Flying School (known as the trappers), who recently descended upon us to standardise and assess the level of instruction being given. We have also supported a large number of family days and airshows over the summer, including sending 2 jets to both Farnborough and the Royal International Air Tattoo, where Royal visitor Prince George had his first exposure to mahogany fake-tan and a scouse accent thanks to his terrifying introduction to Musky.

On the social side, the above mentioned DIN is now just a bleary eyed memory, but we have been assured by those that remember it that it was a great night and apparently saw the introduction of the newly created squadron drink (nobody is really sure what’s in it). It was closely followed the Summer Ball, with thanks to the organisers, the mess staff and to Course 20 who did a lot of work behind the scenes. We also discovered the benefits of having former colonials from the US Marine Corps on the squadron, with Kraut and Jess hosting a superb 4th July BBQ featuring a near endless supply of weak fizzy beer and meat on sticks. Thanks guys.



Finally, we must congratulate Huw and Will C, who passed their A2s, and we wish Huw and Bonnie well as they depart across the Atlantic. In futurum videre