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Hawk T2

Hawk T2

Along with not burning anything down since the January issue, and having achieved a good amount of flying considering the time of year, the Squadron has also graduated the long overdue course 17 (despite their best efforts), a signficant achievement that represents a huge amount of work from everyone at RAF Valley, not least the students themselves. Somehow the course was rewarded with one of the best flying days in a long time to show off to their families in the traditional 6 Ship formation flypast, where even Paul Kiczma managed to stay close to the formation references – his Red Arrows training kicking in at the opportune moment.

6 Ship

6 Ship

Apart from Storm Doris (which we were all surprised and just a little bit downhearted) that left the Moran building still standing, the weather since the last issue has stopped short of the constant named storms we somehow endured last year, but the age old question of “how wet is a wet runway” continues to frustrate attempts to fly while the runway resurfacing is completed. However to look on the bright side, the Squadron is very much looking forward to their imminent deployment to Decimomannu Airbase (where??) at the end of March. With 12 jets deploying for just over two weeks, the det promises to be the largest T2 det that has taken place to date, and aside from the promised blue skies and clear air of the island of Sardinia (just like Anglesey really…) the hospitality and culture of the Aeronautica Militaire will certainly make a change from the wintry weather of home.

IV Sqn Staff

IV Sqn Staff

Since the last issue we have said goodbye to Rich Dennis, our friendly CFS examiner as he heads out to Canada and hands over the reins of Chief CFS Nibber to Fit Lt Andy “The Corn” Cornthwaite, who we wish all the best in his new role. Also departed are Rich Davoren, who will shortly be followed on the Typhoon by Paul Kiczma, Matt Douglas and David Spencer from course 17. Best wishes also to Lauren Stewart and Tom Stratton, who will be continuing their flying training on an aircraft slower and heavier than the mighty T2. With his feet firmly under the station administrative table now, we welcome the new Station Commander along with all of QFI course 13 into the IV(R) Squadron family, and most importantly we pass our congratulations to Major Kriegbaum and his wife Jess on the arrival of baby Nora.

Just like waiting for a bus, there are none for ages and then two come along at once – so it is with ?ying training! Coming up soon we have the graduation of course 18 to look forward to, with the two Craigs, Meeshal and Ahmed due to ?nish the course before the 24th of March. QFI courses 11 and 12 are soon to hit the cold mean instructional streets and be released amongst their ?rst students to pop their instructional cherries.. .so to speak. For those students that are cowering in fear of their arrival, don’t worry – there is one creamie amongst them that probably knows about as much as you do… which isn’t very much.

In Futurum Videre