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Association Dinner – 28 Jan – Now at the George

The Association Dinner on the 28th at RAF Wittering has been changed to dinner in the George at Stamford on the same night. The Mess needed to know final numbers by today, and we simply didn’t have time to get the word out to everybody.

Here’s the full story from James (on the Sqn):

Hi Chris, As we initially suspected, due to the miscommunication and time scales involved, there has been a very low level of responses for the Association dinner we were trying to organise. As it stands we have nowhere near the minimum level of attendance required so we have no option other than to cancel the dinner I’m afraid. Instead, the Sqn is going to hold a late-notice dinner at the George Hotel in Stamford on the night. The venue is smaller and the meal will be a little more expensive but we would like to extend an invitation to those Association members who did provide returns for the Association dinner. I will contact those concerned personally and provide them with the details. Talking with OC(IV) the plan will be to organise another dinner sometime in the next few months with enough lead time to get the information out there properly. We apologise sincerely for the cancellation but had no other option. Regards, James

4 comments to Association Dinner – 28 Jan – Now at the George

  • Roger

    Chris and James

    Based on the above change of plan, I still plan to attend the parade but we would like to withdraw from the dinner at the George on 28 Jan. Once details are available for the delayed Association Dinner please let know the date so that I can programme it into my diary.

  • We will definitely make sure everybody gets plenty of notice next time!

  • kevinbarton

    Hi Chris,

    could you please send me the details of the delayed Association Dinner when you know them? I would very much like to attend.

    Best wishes

    Kev Barton

  • Hi Kevin,

    I’m not planning to do another mass email, I’d rather save that for emergencies and very high priority information. Just check into the website once a week or so, I’ll make sure everybody gets plenty of notice.

    If you’d like to be alerted to updates to fourfax, simply click on “Entries RSS” on the left, under “Meta”, and then choose which RSS reader you use. Works really well, I get all my news this way (best Mac RSS programme: NetNewsWire).

    Hope this helps, Chris

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