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The Sqn: Jun 2015

The Sqn: Jun 2015

Happy IV(R) Sqn have been keeping busy in the last couple of months with a hectic fying schedule. Taking advantage of the good weather the workload has been high, but we’ve found time to have some fun along the way. April’s dining in night saw some well-lubricated fun and games, and the dining out of quite a few staff, including the boss. (Wg Cdr Paul Mounsey has replaced Wg Cdr Dan Beard.) It also saw what was subsequently graded as a low average loyal toast!

The Typhoon Force Commander Air Cdre Duguid paid Happy IV (R) Sqn a visit to see a little since more of the training students undergo on the Hawk T2 before they arrive at RAF Coningsby. He left suitably impressed, although was often caught wistfully staring at the memorabilia round the corridors, reminiscing no doubt about his many years with the Sqn on the’other’jet.

April saw us saying goodbye to Rich Dennis, who is leaving the RAF to invest in Saudi gold. Rich has been on IV(R) Sqn since its move to Valley, and during his time developed a solid reputation amongst the staff, and a fearsome reputation amongst the students. ‘We’ll be doing that again, pal!’ became such a common phrase that Ascent considered putting it as a menu option in the debrief slides. We wish Rich and his family all the very best for the future.

On the force development side Huw, Gregor, Guy, Gaz, Al and Crofty undertook a staff ride to Northern France, with the purpose of visiting St Omer, genesis of IV (R) Sqn, and other historical WW1 sites. Since returning to work the boys have scarcely been seen – not, as many assumed, due to any fatigue from their late night partying, but due to the colossal amount of paperwork required to claw back their travel expenses. Good luck chaps! You’ll need it.

As the ?rst IV(R) Sqn Role Demo date approaches Ben and Toby have been ractising their routine at every opportunity, ?ogging a herd of holding officers half to death with outlandish requests, which would put Mariah Carey to shame! With PDA fast approaching, the Air-show circuit will once again be treated to the’roar’of the Adour engine, and a variety of manoeuvres, which we are told, will be accompanied by pyrotechnics! Watch your eyebrows… With our busiest summer ever just round the corner, we wish everyone well.

Happy Four.