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Personal Kit 1944

From the files:

  1. The recent move from ‘B’ to ‘A’ Mess revealed that some officers in the Squadron have not yet complied with repeated instructions to reduce their personal kit to a minimum.
  2. It is emphasised that the Squadron’s allocation of M.T. for transporting the whole of the Dispersal equipment, officers personal kit (except the 50lb ‘Air Lift’) and the airmans sleeping tents, is one repeat one Bedford 3 tonner (paras.4 (b) (i) and (ii) of Summary dated July, 1944).
  3. The maximum permissible weight of baggage per officer is 155 lb., comprising the following :- (a) Camp Kit -60 lbs. (3 blankets only) (b) ‘Air Lift’ Holdall. -50 lbs. (c) Remainder -45 lbs.
  4. If the remainder at (c) above cannot be packed in the Camp Kit roll, not more than one repeat one item of luggage e.g. Kit Bag or suitcase, may be taken. If any officer is in doubt as to the weight of his kit, he should weigh it. Arrangements have been made with the Catering Officer (F/L Bass) for the use of his scales any morning after 09.00 hours.
  5. The Wing Commander Admin., 35 Wing, has issued categorical instructions that any officer’s kit which is found to be overweight when loading takes place will be left behind. With the present allocation of M.T. no other course will be physically possible.
  6. For the guidance of everybody concerned, the following is the scale of equipment laid down by H.Q. 84 Group for officers proceeding to the Continent:- (a) War Service Dress with 1st Field Dressing in pocket. (b) Web equipment, revolver and ammunition, Steel Helmet. (c) Personal Anti-Gas equipment, Cape, Respirator, Eye Shields etc. (d) Messing Utensils. (e) Great Coat, Raincoat and Gum Boots. (f) Camp Kit complete (including Ground Sheet). (g) Spare shoes and clothing. (Note: War Service Dress will be the correct wear for all occasions overseas. Service Dress is not essential. It should also be noted that officer’s clothing will be obtainable on pre-payment from one nominated A.S.P. in each Group overseas). (h) Flying Kit (As applicable).
  7. All kits are to be labelled with owner’s rank and name. 25th July, 1944 Distribution. F/Ls Draper, Ahearne, Fryer, Lischke, Peachey, Rowcliffe, Silk, D.E. Mobbs, Thorne, H.D. Leventon, Wilkins, Bignell, Buckley, Cowell, Jackson Smith (DFC), Spears, Tozer (DFC), Crawley (AFC), Southam. F/Os R.C. Cooper, A.R. Hutchinson, T.A. Priddle, M. Urban, Watterson, Wildin, Draper, Ogilvie. P/Os J.C. Cox, D.E. Penn. W/O Seeley. File: 4S/215/5/2/ORG.