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Logging In

Just a reminder – in order to be able to reply to any of the comments here or upload photographs to the Gallery, you need to have logged into the site – look for the “login” link in the sidebar on the right.

You also need to be logged in to see the full-size gallery photographs, to submit posts and articles to the site and to change your user profile (information about you that other members can see.

11 comments to Logging In

  • royharrison

    I find I cannot find the members list, where is it?

  • paulhayden

    Hi I know I am thick but is anybody else having trouble with this new site ? I can not even navigate to the members page! please help thanks Paul Hayden.

  • There’s no separate page with the members list at the moment. I’ll see if I can put one up, but it will have to be password-protected so that personal information stays private.

    However, if you click on “Forums” then “Memberlist” (top left) you can see members’ usernames, and clicking on a username shows further details. The amount of detail is set by each user, for example, if you want your e-mail address to be public people will be able to contact you through this page.

    Hope this helps,


  • royharrison

    Thank you, I think I’m getting the hang of it, I hope I’m getting the hang of it!!!

  • royharrison

    I have tried to log in, into the Gallery, but it sends me to my account page and asks me to Log In, this I do but it won’t accept it. I apply to re assess my password by e-mail, carry out the instructions and it still will not accept me. What else can you suggest?

  • Not sure what’s happening here. You shouldn’t need to login to the Gallery because if you’ve logged in on the Main site (front page) you will be automatically logged into the Gallery as well (but not the Forums).

    Try logging in on the front page then go to the Gallery and see if it works. Your login username and password are working, by the way, I’ve just checked them.

    Hope this helps, Chris

  • royharrison

    Hi Chris, I’ve just logged In, selected Gallery and again it shows me a window telling me ‘Log in to your account’, this I do and it throws me back to ‘Log in to your account’. Roy

  • I think I’ve fixed the problem. For some reason your password in the Gallery was different from the Main site, so logging in on the Main site wasn’t logging you into the Gallery as well.

    I’ve reset your password back to the one sent out in an e-mail – all should now be well.


  • royharrison

    Sorry Chris, nothing has changed I’m sorry to say. Roy

  • Roy – I’ve created a new account for you and emailed you the details – fingers crossed for success this time!


  • royh

    Chris, you are a genius. Yes everything is working a treat. Thank you. Roy

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