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New Photo Galleries

Our Photo Gallery plugin broke earlier this year and I’ve been putting off the job of reuploading all the photos to a new system. I’ve finally got around to it, and I think all the photos are available again. Click on Galleries in the top menu bar to see what’s there.

The metadata did not transfer across […]

Calling Doug Gordon


You sent me a message through the fourfax Contact Form. However, the Contact Form was misconfigured (technology, huh!) and your email address was not included. Please use the contact form again and include your email addresses and I’ll be able to reply.

Sorry, all my fault…

Fourfax Stats for 2015

18,000 visitors!

WordPress Annual Report

Comments Working Again

Pete Mears reported to me some time ago that comments weren’t working. Logged in users trying to comment saw their comments disappearing into the great bit-bucket in the sky.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve resolved the issue and comments are now working again – get typing!

Please Check Your Personal Settings

With the Centenary later this year, it’s important that your personal details are up-to-date on fourfax. If your email address has changed, for example, I won’t be able to send you a booking form for the event. Many members email me to ask me to change their details for them, and I’m happy to do […]

One Year of Fourfax

Had a nice little note from WordPress, the company that creates the software that Fourfax uses.

It’s a summary of our activity over the last twelve months – take a look.

Up and Running

We’re back up and running again after a few days’ offline.

I think I’ve tracked the problem down this time. When I was testing plug-ins I was activating and deactivating them to see their effect, and one of them writes the invisible .htaccess file at the root of the server. The edits to this file […]

Website Woes

Up, down, up down, our hosting provider did some updates two weeks’ ago and since then, every time I’ve tweaked something the website has broken.

It’s up again now (or you wouldn’t be reading this!) and I hope the problems have all been fixed once and for all.

New Forums

I think the new forums are working properly now. They’re being run under bbPress which integrates well with WordPress, the web software that runs this website.

The main difference, and the reason I changed it over, is that once you are logged into Fourfax you should be automatically logged into the Forums as well. If […]

Sexy Ajax Login Dropdown!

Check out the new Ajax Login Dropdown at the top of the page!

You can find the plugin here if you want to use it on your own blog.

New Forums

OK, the new forums are up and running.

Apart from a neat design, the main difference is that once you log into the main website you’re automatically logged into the Forums as well. About time, I hear you say. You’re welcome to go there and start leaving messages, tweaking your profiles and generally exploring.

There […]


That was a scary 12 hours! I erased all the posts and pages off the website by mistake while trying to make a major upgrade to the Forums. Luckily I has a two-day-old backup but it took me a while to get it loaded.

I promise to be more careful in the future. (In futurum […]

Fourfax is on Twitter!

Fourfax is now twittering!

Twitter is the new “social network” where users post short messages that others can read. It’s a kind of text messaging on the internet.

Other descriptions of twitter and its uses include:

Twitter is a service that allows people to communicate in short bursts Through […]

Website Redesign

Lots of positive feedback about the new design – thanks for that. Please let me know if there’s a feature that you’d like to see on FourFax and I’ll see if I can implement it.

I can tell it’s a while since the website’s been healthy – I’ve spent most of the last 24 hours […]

Getting There…

The new design is coming on. All the links at the top of each page are working and the gallery is back on line as well. I need to do more work on the sidebar, on the left, but it will do for the time being.