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The Future of Fourfax – Poll Results

73 members replied, the results are shown below:

We will organise a beer call in the Stamford area later in the year (probably the Autumn) and publicise it on  The committee will decide how much should be set aside to allow the website to continue, and the remainder will then be […]

FourFax Going Virtual Only

This email went out today (28 April 2021) to everyone in my records. Out of 805 emails, 140 bounced back as they are no longer in use. If you didn’t receive the email you may contact me at chr*s@fourf** with your response. It would also be great if you could login to (click […]

Harrier Force Association

There’s a new website in town, the Harrier Force Association.

From their front page:

Welcome to the embryonic Harrier Force Association. The association is being developed to cater for everyone who has had a connection with the Harrier; pilots, engineers and support personnel; officers, SNCOs, other ranks and civilians.

Click the image below to see […]