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E-mail addresses

Hmmm. 550 usernames and passwords sent out – 80 bounced back as duff.

In particular, those of you previously with hotmail, fsnet and freeserve accounts seem particularly reluctant to keep FourFax updated 😉

Please let me know if you change your address, or do it yourself in the Control Panel (for the Main site) and in the Forums.

Of course, if you have a duff e-mail address you won’t be able to log in, so let me know your new address and I’ll sort it out (or simply re-register).

I’ve still got 105 new usernames and passwords to issue. The server threw a wobbly after 550 had gone out – I think there’s a limit to the number of e-mails I’m allowed to send a day. So if you haven’t received a new username and your surname starts with an “S” or more, you’ll get yours tomorrow, otherwise, your old address has expired and you need to let me know (or re-register).

5 comments to E-mail addresses

  • OK, the last 105 usernames and passwords went out today – everybody should now have received theirs and have full access to the site.

  • charleswatson

    photo thumbnails won’t enlarge

  • Charlie – were you logged in when you were looking at the Gallery? Only registered (which you are) and logged in members can see the full-size photos and upload images.

    The login link is in the right-hand sidebar on the main page.

    Hope this helps.

  • paulmackie

    Where has the list of members gone together with their e-mail address’s ?

  • Click on the Forums link (top of this page) then click on Memberlist to see the complete list of members.

    If a particular member has chosen to make their e-mail address public there will be an e-mail icon to click on. If there’s no e-mail icon you can click on the ‘pm’ icon to send them a private message.

    To enable other members to send you an e-mail from the Forums, firstly log into the Forums, then click on “Profile”, then in Preferences (towards the bottom) select “Always show my e-mail address: Yes”.

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