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Association Dinner – 28 January [Update]

As you all know, the Squadron Disbandment Parade will take place on 28 January (see this post for booking details). However, there is also going to be a 4 Squadron Association Dinner that evening, at RAF Wittering, organised by the Sqn. (Previously I thought this was going to be a combined disbandment dinner.)

The venue is the Officers’ Mess at RAF Wittering, dress Black Tie, timing 1900 for 1930, price £40 per head. All ranks are welcome, wives/partners welcome. The mess can seat approximately 135 guests. No accommodation is available.

If you would like to attend please send the following information to Flt Lt Sam Vincent <> or call Flt Lt James McMillan on 01780 783838 Ext 7891 at the Sqn:

  • Name:
  • Contact Number:
  • Email:
  • Car Model:
  • Car Registration:

Obviously time is now tight so please book quickly so we can get an idea of numbers.

BTW, the timings for the day are: 0900 Guests arrive 1000 Disbandment Parade 1145-1300 Lunch 1230 Sqn open to guests 1330 Standard party departs for laying up ceremony in Stamford church 1900 for 1930 Association Dinner in Officers Mess

4 comments to Association Dinner – 28 January [Update]

  • virginiabrook

    Hello Chris,

    Living this far north in Scotland (still at Kilnhillock Cottage, Cullen) I will not be attending the dinner at RAF Wittering. Sad that the Squadron is disbanding. I am only glad that Lance hasn’t lived to see it as well as all the changes in the Army. I can’t help feeling that this latest is a very wrong and shortsighted move by those who sanctioned it – but I am no politician. Would I be right that all the Harrier Squadrons are disbanding?

    I have been very bad at keeping in touch with any of our Harrier friends, but if you will, please give my best wishes to anyone you might remember GLO Bro and me. I would be very happy to see anyone of them who care to make the long trek north and call in. A pity I can no longer expect to hear the distinctive sound of the Harrier engine flying over. I always loved the sound even though it was very noisy!

    Regards, Virginia

  • Yes, Virginia, very sad. The last Harrier flights took place at Wittering on 15 December. Glad you’re keeping well, hope to see you at a future reunion!

  • rodneyjones

    Greeting Chris, I was saddened to receive the email about the Sqd disbanding. Although when I served we had Hunters, it is still generates a deep feeling of bereavement to hear the squadron will no longer exist. I certainly feel for the all the current squadron members that this will effect. It is like losing family. I hope your diner is a glorious calibration of the squadron past and present and I wish I could attend. Sadly on this side of the pond, the cost alone prevents me from attending. I trust you will keep the site open? It is always good to keep in touch if only from away. Best regards

  • Hi Rod,

    We’re all hoping, of course, that the Squadron will reform as one of the first JSF squadrons…

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