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Squadron Name Badges

Marc Tecklenborg has got hold of an embroidery machine and has designed some Sqn name badges. He’s prepared to make some for members at cost price, so if you’d like any, look him up in the Forums > Memberlist and send him an email!

5 comments to Squadron Name Badges

  • marctecklenborg

    If anyone can email me a picture of the old style Harrier GR 3 VSTOL Fighter Arm Badge, that would be really great.

  • Marc has sent me some of the badges and I’ve added them to the Harrier GR3 Gallery – Chris

  • rongray

    Sorry but my time was from laong before this. Photo of my flight suit badge cannot be printed here but will send by email direct

  • Ron Gray has sent me a picture of an old-style Squadron badge and I’ve added it to the Harrier GR3 gallery – Chris

  • motiwana

    Marc, I would love to have oneof these Squadron badges. I live in Dubai, UAE and work for Emirates Airlines. I know it will present some logistical and postal problems getting it out to me. However, please let me know if it can be done, the cost and P.P. and I can have the money sent to you asap. Kindest regards, Mo Tiwana.

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