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IV Squadron Reforming!

4sqn crest I’ve just heard the great news that IV(R) Squadron will be reforming later this year! 19(R) Squadron (BAe Hawk fast-jet trainers) is standing down and IV(R) will replace them. This from RAF Valley to our President, Tony McKeon:

Sir, it was my pleasure to speak to you today and to inform you that IV(R) Sqn will be reforming at RAF Valley in November 2011. I have attached the RAF’s Briefing Note concerning the changes of Sqn numberplates following SDSR. It is a great shame that so many historic sqns will be lost, but it an honour for us at RAF Valley to become IV(R) Sqn.

And Tony’s reply:

It is really good news that IV(AC)(R) Sqn will be reforming and that there will, therefore, be a focus for the 100th anniversary. Most people will need to travel significant distances to attend any events and it would be best if we can give as much notice as possible. I have copied this email to Chris Parker (Secretary) and Steve Cheeseman (Treasurer) who have done these tasks for a number of years. Chris has done an excellent job getting the Association website “Fourfax” up and running and, in my opinion, is one of the best Association websites. Steve has ensured that the funds, although not massive, are in a healthy position. The Committee consists of the 3 of us and we would welcome any additional members to the Committee from the Sqn’s current team that you care to nominate. In the meantime, I will ask Chris to publish this good news in his next update to the website. I look forward to hearing more from the Sqn and any input you would like us to make in deciding the date for “Standingup”. Best wishes Tony McKeon

5 comments to IV Squadron Reforming!

  • What a/c will the reformed 4 Sdn fly?

  • It will the the BAe Hawk.

  • paulhayden

    Thanks for that So IV Sqn will be Hawks! Does this mean we will need to travel to Valley for the 100th? I am just starting to make travel plans for a European trip next year starting in September and hope to fit the 100th in at the end of September so I would appreciate as many details as possible ASAP to help me plan this trip Many thanks And keep up the great work

  • No plans yet, it will be published here as soon as anything is decided…

  • motiwana

    I note the comments above for the Squadron’s 100th get together. 54 are planning their re-union during the last weekend of September next year. I hope that the 4’s does not clash with 54’s, as I would like attend both. Being greedy here, I think !!!!

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