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IV (AC) Sqn Over the Years Slide Show

Here’s a copy of the slideshow I made for the final beer call in April 2022.

Scotland 1990?

I have received this email from Matthew Illsley:

Dear Mr Parker,

I am writing to you to ask if you can help me find any information regarding No. 4 Squadron’s activities in Scotland during August 1990.

I understand that at that time the squadron was based at Gutersloh in Germany and commanded by Malcolm […]

Paddy Roberts – 11 December 1978

From Dick Wise

I am a writer researching the Harrier sales campaign to China, during the 1970s. On 11 December 1978, Flt lt Paddy Roberts, based at RAF Wittering flew a demonstration flight for a Chinese minister at BAe Dunsfold. During his demo there was a problem, which caused John Farley, the Chief […]

Black Arrows

John White writes:

Some of you might like to see the short ‘film’ (16 mins) in the link below provided by Joe Dible.  Some interesting live footage (a lot of very clever CGI), plus quite a bit on the individuals involved – some of those are still on the register.


Lt P H L Playfair 1913

Giles Smith has sent me an email about Lt Playfair’s BE2a crash in 1913:

I have been researching the former WW1 airfield at Lilbourne for a while now and would comment that, whilst the first paragraph is mainly about the vagaries of the Breguet aircraft, the crash involving Chinnery and Playfair was in a […]

No. 234 Sqn History

From Nigel Walpole:


(Please see below – circulated on Nigel Walpole’s behalf – please respond directly to him)The heritage hunters of No. 234 Squadron (No. 1 Squadron, 229 OCU, RAF Chivenor) wish to publish a booklet of flight-line humour, ‘horror’ and achievement, entitled ‘Laugh with the Dragon’, modelled on those excellent books ,’Out […]

Ferry Tips

Does anybody remember anything about ferry tips? I remember we had them but don’t think I ever flew with them. Did they fall out of favour?

Pic via Harrier Preservation: @HPreservation

Perhaps they were more trouble than they were worth?

C-130 Crew in the Falklands

Here’s a photo I noticed on Twitter: Al Holman with his Herc crew in the Falklands in 1982-83.

Harrier GR1 XV784 ‘D’

This jet, as a GR3, had my name on it from 1980 to 1985. This photo was probably taken at Wildenrath in 1974-75 when it was a GR1. Thanks to Ian Black for the photo.

Latter days at Wildenrath. Early days at Gutersoh – View from the RIC

by Geoff Quick

Before reading this little essay I do recommend that you read Al Holman’s account from the Pilots’ perspective. We were contemporaries on IV ( AC) over the move up from Wildenrath and the first couple of years at “Gut”, that is from 1976 until the latter part of 1978. I ask for […]

The 4 Sqn Collection

From Jim Sharples:

I would like to introduce myself. Over the years I have been collecting 4 Squadron Items and have now built up a reasonable collection of artefacts, ranging in scale from aircrew equipment to full aircraft.

The current focus of this collection is around any 4 Squadron artefacts dating from World War 2 […]

Where’s This Castle? (Yes, Germany!)


@BAESystemsAir Here’s a challenge for you on a Thursday night, Twitter. Name the castle in this Harrier picture? We’ve tried to find it and come up with nothing. Any ideas? #avgeeks @Frostblade_

Snow Falcon Harriers

From John Wolstenholm:

Hello. Is there any possibility one of your members might be able to help regarding the Snow Falcon Harriers, I and IV squadrons in 2004?

I’m nearing completion of a detailed 1:32 model of one of these GR.7s. Both this picture:

and even more so the one on your site:


World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands website

This will be of interest to many historians:

From Jan Nieuwenhuis

Dear Sir,

Perhaps you’re interested in the following:

On 1 October 2017 my new “World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands & North Sea” (also English Channel) website was launched!

The purpose of the website is to help researchers, family members […]

IV Sqn Hunters

IV Sqn Hunters at JeverPhoto: Ian Black @blickyian

Thanks for the photo, Blacky!