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Lt P H L Playfair 1913

Giles Smith has sent me an email about Lt Playfair’s BE2a crash in 1913:

I have been researching the former WW1 airfield at Lilbourne for a while now and would comment that, whilst the first paragraph is mainly about the vagaries of the Breguet aircraft, the crash involving Chinnery and Playfair was in a […]

No. 234 Sqn History

From Nigel Walpole:


(Please see below – circulated on Nigel Walpole’s behalf – please respond directly to him)The heritage hunters of No. 234 Squadron (No. 1 Squadron, 229 OCU, RAF Chivenor) wish to publish a booklet of flight-line humour, ‘horror’ and achievement, entitled ‘Laugh with the Dragon’, modelled on those excellent books ,’Out […]

Ferry Tips

Does anybody remember anything about ferry tips? I remember we had them but don’t think I ever flew with them. Did they fall out of favour?

Pic via Harrier Preservation: @HPreservation

Perhaps they were more trouble than they were worth?

C-130 Crew in the Falklands

Here’s a photo I noticed on Twitter: Al Holman with his Herc crew in the Falklands in 1982-83.

Harrier GR1 XV784 ‘D’

This jet, as a GR3, had my name on it from 1980 to 1985. This photo was probably taken at Wildenrath in 1974-75 when it was a GR1. Thanks to Ian Black for the photo.

Latter days at Wildenrath. Early days at Gutersoh – View from the RIC

by Geoff Quick

Before reading this little essay I do recommend that you read Al Holman’s account from the Pilots’ perspective. We were contemporaries on IV ( AC) over the move up from Wildenrath and the first couple of years at “Gut”, that is from 1976 until the latter part of 1978. I ask for […]

The 4 Sqn Collection

From Jim Sharples:

I would like to introduce myself. Over the years I have been collecting 4 Squadron Items and have now built up a reasonable collection of artefacts, ranging in scale from aircrew equipment to full aircraft.

The current focus of this collection is around any 4 Squadron artefacts dating from World War 2 […]

Where’s This Castle? (Yes, Germany!)


@BAESystemsAir Here’s a challenge for you on a Thursday night, Twitter. Name the castle in this Harrier picture? We’ve tried to find it and come up with nothing. Any ideas? #avgeeks @Frostblade_

Snow Falcon Harriers

From John Wolstenholm:

Hello. Is there any possibility one of your members might be able to help regarding the Snow Falcon Harriers, I and IV squadrons in 2004?

I’m nearing completion of a detailed 1:32 model of one of these GR.7s. Both this picture:

and even more so the one on your site:


World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands website

This will be of interest to many historians:

From Jan Nieuwenhuis

Dear Sir,

Perhaps you’re interested in the following:

On 1 October 2017 my new “World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands & North Sea” (also English Channel) website was launched!

The purpose of the website is to help researchers, family members […]

IV Sqn Hunters

IV Sqn Hunters at JeverPhoto: Ian Black @blickyian

Thanks for the photo, Blacky!

Hugh Granville-White

Hugh in front cockpit with F/O Pratt in rear cockpit airborne in a Bristol Fighter while looking for a landing ground near Elstead (Near Farnham) 25 April 1922.

Chris “Hoppy” GW has sent me some details of his father’s career on 4 Sqn in the 1920’s. I’ve created a page in the History […]

IV Sqn Wikipedia Page

Just found it!


Hoppy’s Hunter

Hoppy’s Hunter

At Cottesmore? Photo by Ian Black @BlickyIan

Arthur Stanley “Pete” Pinnion

From Ken Utton’s Sqn Personalities 1949:

Sqn Ldr ‘Colonel’ Mowatt: Had ditched a Hurricane and hit the bottom before getting out. Was local Town Major in Gutersloh before joining 4. He was killed with Pete Pinnion (Engineering Officer) in an Anson which hit a chimney at Munster when they were going home on leave. I […]