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The Sqn at Sylt and Jever: 1961-62

Contributed by Des Stewart (Apr 61-Oct 62)

APC at Sylt

The top photo is at APC Sylt. I am at the back of the tractor leaning on it. The guy in the middle with his beret on is Tony Smith, the guy I spent Thursday with. He is a country and western singer and has recorded in Nashville. The guy in the driver’s seat with the mug of tea is the Bill Dixon.

Detachment to Jever

The bottom photograph is when we went to Jever so G?tersloh could have the runway lengthened to take civilian aircraft prior to air trooping. I am not on the photo – can’t remember where I was. The Boss (S/L Buchannan) is sitting on the cockpit canopy. He was a great wild fowler, and when we had the Sqdn bar in the basement of the barrack block, Tony Smith painted a caricature of the boss flying his Hunter and firing his Adens at the ducks and called it Buck and Duck. He was amused and said “That was the only time that we could call him Buck!”

Oh happy days.