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105th Anniversary

This year IV Squadron celebrates its 105th Anniversary. We have had tremendous support for recent reunions, including the 90th (Cottesmore, 2002), the 95th (also Cottesmore, 2007) and of course the 100th (Valley, 2012). This time round, however, there is little enthusiasm for a trek to Anglesey, so we should save our energies for the 110th in 2022.

Despite the undoubted success of the Harrier Force Association (HFA), Tony McKeon, Steve Cheeseman and I believe there is still a place for the IV Sqn Association. For one thing, the HFA will not last forever, but IV Sqn will continue to exist as long as there’s a Royal Air Force. For that reason, we should continue to hold reunions, small or large, to mark significant dates.

This time round Tony McKeon has kindly booked the Burghley Park Golf Club, Stamford, for the evening of Saturday 11th November 2017. We envisage an evening beer call with pub-type grub provided (cost TBN). The Association will provide some liquid refreshment to get things started and will partly subsidise the cost of hiring the Golf Club. All Association members, wives and partners are invited.

The cost of the event will depend greatly on how many attend. It will go ahead, even with very small numbers, for the reasons given above, but for our planning purposes and to help to assess the cost of the evening, could you kindly let us know if you are likely or unlikely to attend, by submitting the form below.

More details (costs, dress code etc.) will be provided on and by email nearer the time.

This event is definitely going ahead. Cost will be £15-20 per head, pub grub included, and the Association is going to subsidise temporary membership of the Golf Club for the evening and put on some barrels of beer, wine and soft drinks.

Very best wishes,

Chris, Tony and Steve

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