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Chris Johnson – Service & Funeral

John Wickham has advised me that the service for Chris will be on Monday 30 Jan at 12 noon at St Mary’s Church, Scarborough with internment at 1.30pm. Uniforms may be worn if wanted, wreaths can be sent from sections or units, otherwise Susan would prefer donations to Help for Heroes.

Chris served on 1(F) Sqn at Wittering from 1992 to 1994, then RAFU Goose Bay until 1996, RAF Honington up to Feb 98 then back to Wittering/Cottesmore on the Harrier AEDIT until 1998 and then IV(AC) Sqn at RAF Cottesmore.

2 comments to Chris Johnson – Service & Funeral

  • John Plant

    Only just seen this post, forgive me for being a bit out of touch, may I ask if this is Chris Johnson Eng Tech AP who rose to Warrant Officer? If so “Stumpy” Cornah and I were on a tour in Belize with Chris and attended a memorable and very liquid Halton apprentice reunion together. I would appreciate it very much if I could receive the details of this sad loss by e-mail,as Kim (phil) Tyler and I would like to raise a glass in his honour.Our thoughts as ever are with his family at this time. JPx John Plant

  • Yes, I believe so. I don’t have any more details – perhaps John Wickham does?

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