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Hello, David/Fighting First Boss, Boss of Shiny Four &OC 800 on such a historic day,

We are not only sending all the rest of the Ass’ns’ & non-attendees’ best wishes but also those from our Jever 122 Wing (that was 4, 93, 98, 118 Sqns Vampires, Sabres, Hunters & 2 Sqn Swifts in 2nd TAF 50-60 years ago) i.e. yr own Expeditionary Wing No & proudly too that of our Jever Wing = the “Jever Steam Laundry”, as No. IV(AC) Sqn should know since we all have met up for well over 50 years now), as also the other major Hunter Wing in 2nd TAF, 124 Wing, both of whom are/were well represented from Vampire, Venom, Sabre and Hunter 2nd TAF days and into Harrier, Lightning, Phantom& Tornado.

Linked also [on which I am sure ex-122 & 124 Wing, Air Cdre Pat King  (or six of the 10 Wittering Stn Cdrs  we have come across) will expatiate if given half a chance today]  this must also include  the 1,100 or so Hunter guys still around, expressing our sincerest condolences and best wishes again to you all of you Harrier warriors on and beyond yr Disbandment Day.

Our warmest regards again as also to all the 800 Sqn matelots and in particular all our RAF’s splendid NCO & airmen technicians. What a poignant week, even more  so for you all on I, IV and  800!  It’s difficult to even think of No. 1 being  ‘In omnibus princeps’ on a Disbandment Parade and so let’s hope ‘In futurum videre’ comes out for the best for UK despite all these decisions too . . . and here’s all of our hoping that Nos 1(F)’s, IV(AC)’s & 43(F)’s markings will be proudly airborne again ere long!

Al et al & no need for any reply at all (vividly recalling being on the Albion in the Med and 600’s Sea Hawks + Ark Royal 56 years ago )


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