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Renumbering of IV(AC) Sqn to 4(R) Sqn

4 Sqn Crest

The Association has received this letter from OC IV(AC) Sqn, Wg Cdr Harvey Smyth:

As I am sure you are aware, as part of the current Planning Round within MoD, there has been a recent Ministerial announcement to reduce the size of Joint Force Harrier and relocate to RAF Wittering. The unfortunate and immediate impact is for Number IV(Army Co-operation) Squadron to renumber as Number 4(Reserve) Squadron and change role from a Front Line squadron to that of the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit: the date for this change is 31 March 2010. Whilst this is incredibly sad news for us all on IV(AC), the silver lining to this cloud is that the Squadron’s name plate will be kept alive in Reserve status, vice being subject to complete disbandment. Obviously, the next few months will be fraught with the organisation of the Harrier Force Drawdown. To that end, you and all former members and families of IV(AC) are invited to attend a Disbandment/Handover Parade at RAF Cottesmore on 31 March commencing at 1100hrs. The details of those wishing to attend (former IV(AC) Sqn members and families are welcome) should be passed to the Sqn Registry Clerk, SAC Jo Dockrill, on Ext 7577 (01572 812241). The event is being advertised in the RAF News and on Fourfax; however, I would be grateful if you could also advertise it widely amongst former colleagues and friends. I look forward to seeing as many of the IV(AC) Squadron Association members as possible at the Parade in March! Yours sincerely, ? Harvey Smyth

So, although this is sad news for the Sqn, it is good that the Sqn isn’t disbanding completely and is returning to RAF Wittering, “The Home of the Harrier”. Let’s all try to get to the parade on 31 March and make it a day to remember!

[I have an email address for the Sqn Registry which I’m reluctant to publish because I know that spambots will make it unusable after a few days. If you wish to attend the parade you may send me your details by email and I’ll forward them to the Sqn. – Chris]

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