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Jever Steam Laundry – Annual General Meeting 2012

From Mick Ryan: Jever Steam Laundry – Annual General Meeting 2012 – 17th March 2012

RAF CLUB 128 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7PY. (100 yards E of Hyde Park Corner tube or 600 yds W of Green Park- Both Piccadilly Line – see map below).

  1. A note on the 2012 AGM in the RAF Club on the Saturday 17th March 2012, ‘release brakes’ at 1800, or before if short of fuel.
  2. My apologies for the delay in sending this Calling Notice. I owe you a brief explanation.

  3. We moved house last September and soon found our pre-purchase checks were insufficiently thorough: a myriad of major problems – total rewiring, a heating system on its last leg, a kitchen of hidden horrors et al. Our current assault is on the bathroom. The only outstanding decision is whether to dispense with that seemingly French uncomfortable and indelicate attempt at personal hygiene involving greater athleticism than our ages allow: the bidet. One of our grandchildren summed up the object succinctly when he saw it ‘Look Grandad, a cat bath’.

  4. We are not ones for naming our house but we are seriously thinking of calling it The Ranch or The Magnet or both because we have attracted the top cowboys of the five nearby counties, though we believe for the bathroom that ‘the Sheriff is now in town’, at last.

  5. Now to business. We have moved the date forward this year. Firstly, because Mick felt, and I agree with him, that with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, (major national and international events), that to hold the JSL in May would be adding a third such event, hence the move to March. Second, feedback tells us that May is when many of us wish to take holidays before the summer school break, releasing screaming children into all corners of the holiday world.

For more details and reservation form please go to the JSL website.

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