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HFA News

From Jim Arkell:

Hello! The HFA is gathering momentum. We had our first meeting on Monday and I was asked to write a Constitution! I’ve managed to find a copy of the Buccaneer Aircrew Association version, so that’s at least a starting point! I’ve also agreed to investigate the design and production of a tie, so I may come to you for your opinions in due course! I’m also setting up an account with HSBC and have volunteered to be Hon Treasurer, which means I’ll most probably end up running a virtual shop on line, selling various bits of memorabilia – and the tie! Gary Waterfall will shortly be posting an updated message onto the Website explaining what is going on! He will be proposing an inaugural HFA event at Wittering this summer, organised by the residual elements of the Harrier Force under Simon Jessett’s charge. The plan is to hold a party in the OM and to invite the SNCO member of the HFA to arrange something similar in the WO Mess for the SNCOs either on the same weekend or an adjacent weekend, demonstrating that the HFA is not solely officer-based! Gary is also planning to set up a Harrier Heritage Centre in the bowels of the OCU building. More to follow on both these topics in due course as soon as dates are known. I have given Rob Foulkes copies of the CD/DVDs that were shown at the VSTOL Event on 15 Dec, so these will hopefully be viewable on YouTube via HFA website soon. The booklet covering 40 years of Harrier history is coming on well. My plan is to mail these at the end of March 2011 to everyone for whom I have an address with an invitation to make a contribution (via a cheque or PayPal) to the HFA! Finally, I retire (for the second time) on 1 April 2011…! Feel free to pass this to anyone else who might be interested. Regards, Jim

Thanks for that, Jim, and enjoy your retirement – again!

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