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Were You On The Sqn in November 1993?

From Gareth Burdett:

I would like to contact any Association members who were on IV(AC) Sqn in Nov ’93. An Ops Dir colleague of mine has been approached by a law firm seeking to corroborate the story of a Kurdish asylum seeker, Jamal Obeid Majeid. Jamal claims to have assisted coalition forces in Nov 93 following the crash of ZD432 in N Iraq; specifically, that he recovered the ADR and presented it to the AAIB team – an act for which he allegedly received a punishment beating from pro-Iraqi militia.

To corroborate his story, Jamal has a photograph showing him being awarded a IV(AC) Sqn print in N Iraq by the then OC IV(AC) Sqn (the late Wg Cdr Haward). He also has the print itself, and a letter from the Op PROVIDE COMFORT Military Coordination Centre, signed by the Senior British Military Representative. That letter asks that Jamal ‘be given every assistance in [his] progress and endeavours, having demonstrated [his] friendship and loyalty to MCC and the Western Allies there represented’. We have validated the timeline and details of the crash, together with the ADR’s recovery by unspecified Peshmerga, through the AHB. The photos showing Jamal with Wg Cdr Haward lend credibility to Jamal being the Peshmerga in question.

We would like to be able to introduce Jamal’s lawyers to someone with contemporary knowledge of ZD432’s crash and the post-incident activity. Their hope is simply to get an established and respected figure within the UK to further corroborate Jamal’s story, and hence lend credence to his asylum claim – maybe via a letter to the MP of Jamal’s family.

I do not write this as a serving officer, but as a third party who has taken an interest in this case. I find it frustrating that it is so difficult to reward those who put themselves in harm’s way on behalf of HMG; a view that I am sure is shared by many of your Association’s members.

Please let me know if your require any more information.

Please contact Chris Parker if you can help with this matter.

[20/2/17] Jim Fernie, the pilot of the downed Harrier is now in touch with Gareth. I’ll post the outcome as and when I receive it. CJP

4 comments to Were You On The Sqn in November 1993?

  • jimfernie

    Can I assist?

    I was the pilot of ZD432 who was assisted by one Peshmerga in particular, during my extraction by US Army Blackhawk. I returned to the nearby village on a subsequent tour of duty on Op Provide Comfort and again met the individual. I thought he was called Mohammed, but maybe this is him. I am sure I would recognise him, if you could send me a photo?

    You may be aware that the ADR and ejection seat were recovered from the village chiefs (after an initially fruitless search) on delivery of 21 pregnant goats!

    Feel free to PM me, or Chris has my email address.

    Regards, Jim

  • Thanks Jim. I’ll pass this on to Gareth and I’m sure he’ll be in touch.

  • Hey Jim,

    I’ve only just got hold of Gareth’s email, so expect a message from him before long.

    You’re still j****

  • jimfernie


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