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The 4 Sqn Collection

From Jim Sharples:

I would like to introduce myself. Over the years I have been collecting 4 Squadron Items and have now built up a reasonable collection of artefacts, ranging in scale from aircrew equipment to full aircraft.

The current focus of this collection is around any 4 Squadron artefacts dating from World War 2 and up to the end of the Cold War. It is intended to add artefacts from more current conflicts as and when they become available.

With regards to aircraft and cockpit sections, the current interest of the collection is around those that were used by 4 Squadron and produced by Hawker Aircraft/Hawker Siddeley Aircraft.

Unfortunately, the collection is not currently open for public viewing, so I have created a website that serves as the virtual home of the collection, The website has only been live over a week or so and I’ve still got lots of additions to make.

The choice of name for the collection represents what the collection contains, and I must stress, as I do on the website, that I have no affiliation or association with the Royal Air Force or No. 4 Squadron itself. What I do have is a genuine and sincere interest in 4 Squadron and in preserving items relating to it.

Should you ever require anything bringing to an event or reunion, then I will always endeavour to assist where I can.

I may need a little assistance from your excellent site and its members in the future, relating to two pieces of Nose Art, one on the cockpit of XV806 and one on the cockpit XZ131.


James Sharples BA(Hons) MIFireE MIFSM MIIRSM TechIOSH

jim-sharp [at]

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