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Who’s The Pilot?

From an HFA Newsletter:

A message from Graham James from the Harrier SIG asking for help.

I’m in the Harrier (IPMS) Special Interest Group.

I’m trying to find out the name of the pilot on the side of this aircraft in the photo below. Apparently ZG532 is flying somewhere in Belize in 1993 (according to the caption in Andy Evans’ book). Reason for asking – I’m doing a model of this aircraft in this scheme and thought I’d be a rivet counter and get the correct name on the side. Any chance you have access to documents – or someone that has – that might say who was “allocated” this aircraft in IV(AC) at the time? I can make out “Sqdn Ldr”, but that is about all. As it was a special tail scheme, I’m hoping this is easy to determine.

Many thanks for any help


2 comments to Who’s The Pilot?

  • KP

    I forwarded the request to Mons. ISTR he was coconut-side around that time.


  • davebailey

    The IV(AC) Sqn History book produced for the 90th anniversary has a picture on the back page of ZG532 being flown over the “Blue Hole” in Belize. The back cover photo description states “ The Blue Hole, off the coast of Belize, overflown by Andy Suddards”. I’ve scanned it and tried to zoom in on the name with the same result can’t quite make out the name but looks like Sqn Ldr J Bewse. Hope this is some help!

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