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100th Reunion for IV(AC) and/or IV(R) SQN

Rambo Frith here (USAF Retired). Who is the designated Ents officer for the 100th reunion… 2012???…. Remember us airline pukes bid vacation one year in advance…. Jan for next Apr to Mar.

I’m at home with a broken fibula…. slipped on outside stairs taking the dog down for her business…. the dog is fine! Using up my sick leave rapidly and driving Ms. Wanda nuts! We’ll be there or be square!


Rambo Marc and Wanda Frith

1 comment to 100th Reunion for IV(AC) and/or IV(R) SQN

  • Hi Marc, Newly-married Chris here!

    We were just about to have a meeting about the 100th when the news struck about IV(AC) becoming IV(R). This news has obviously changed things e.g. the 100th will be at Wittering, not Cottesmore, and the financial plans will have to be reviewed as well.

    I’ll be at the disbandment parade at the end of this month. I’ll have a chat with Harvey S, Tony McK and Steve C and see if we can fix the date ASAP.


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