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4 Sqn Final Beer Call – Selected Responses

Thanks so much for the update and invitation… damn! Now that travel has lightened up I would have loved to make the trip and spend time with 4 Squadron. We have to improve our transatlantic communication!
We are hosting a Harrier Reunion in New Bern NC the weekend of 23 April and I am committed. Too bad… I’m sure your beer will be much better:)
Take lots of pics and please pass my warm regards to Boss McKeon, Steve Cheeseman and all 4 Squadron members.
Best, Bul

Thanks for the email Chris but I will not be attending as it is our 44th wedding anniversary on that date and we will be on a cruise ship on our way back to Southampton. I am really disappointed to miss the final beer call; it would have been good to see many old friends and “chew the fat”.
All the best, Brian L

Hi Godber,
Despite our borders finally being opened we won’t be able to make the reunion. Say hi to everyone for us and hope you all have a great night.
Cheers, Killer

Hi Chris-
Great to hear from you! I am glad to see the guys are getting together and would so love to join you but I cannot travel in April. I hope it is a memorable occasion and well attended.  Looking forward to some good photos from the event. I think of all “the chaps” often with enormous affection.  Please pass along my fond regards. I hope I have another trip to UK in me but regret not this time.   
All Best, Smokey M

Hi Chris and thanks for the update and info re the beer call. 
Sadly I am unable to attend as I am still in NZ hiding from the plague!! Been here now for 2.5 years but plan to return mid May for about 5 months. Missing the final fourfax do!
Many thanks for all your great work over the years and please pass on my best wishes to all the mates. We are all in good shape and look forward to meeting up with some of the team over the Pegasus weekend in June. 
With best regards, Whitney G

I am sorry to see the Association go and want you to know how much I appreciate everything that you have done for us the members and the Association as a whole.
I trust in any decision the board makes as far as distributing any funds.
I reside in the USA and international travel may be difficult so sadly I will not be in attendance.
Thank you once again for all your efforts and good luck for the future.
Regards, Nick P

Hi Chris,
Sadly I’ll be working. I hope you and all have a fantastic night.
All the best
4 to the core, Peds

Hi Chris,
I am sorry to say I will not be able to attend the final beer call.
Please feel free to raise a glass for me in my absence.
Regards and best wishes to all, Dave B

Hi Chris,
I am gutted that I shall not be able to attend. Have good old knees up and I shall have a beer or two Friday evening under canvas thinking about the good old days.
Best Regards to all. Dick H

Hi there,
Unfortunately I’ll be deployed on Ops in April, May and possibly longer. 
Hope the beer all is a success!
Regards, John E

Hi Chris,
Given the current situation in Sri Lanka regarding Covid19, I currently have no plans to travel to the UK in the near future. It is with great regret that I will therefore be unable to attend the function.
I hope that it is a roaring success, and that everyone has a fabulous time. My thoughts will be with you all and I will raise a glass to absent friends ??
So until we hopefully meet again, please pass on my very best regards to one and all,
My very best regards, Wally M
In futurum videre

Would love to be there but unfortunately will not be able to make it. Sure it will be a great event and the stories will be bountiful if not a little embellished ?. 
Best, Gary P

Hi Chris
Now living in Aberdeen so a bit far to come for a beer!  Best wishes to all at IV(AC)
Heather x

No I will not be attending, (unless of course you could get someone with two-seat Hunter to pick me up, and bring me back, to Melbourne Australia).
Cheers, Norm G

Dear Chris – 
Thank you for letting me know this was happening, but I am saddened to see it. Running an association is hard work, and I appreciate how much time you have spent on it over these many years.
I had heard from Dave E, the 3 Sqn association maestro, that you were shutting down and that 1 Sqn was done or about to fold. It’s very sad. 3 Sqn is hanging on – I don’t know for how much longer. It really takes someone so dedicated to keep things running.
It sounds like a great event at a lovely venue, but I’m sorry that Sue and I won’t be in attendance, and unfortunately, we won’t make the Harrier reunion in June either. Niece getting married the same day. I hope you have a great turnout and that the weather is kind.
Thank you for including me in your association.
Wishing you all the best, Don F

Hello Chris,
I was only thinking about my past years on 4(AC) the other day plus my time on 1(F) at Wittering!
I’ve retired early, thanks to many a year on Tornado (?) in the Middle East …. Now living on the Atlantic coast in Co Kerry Ireland.
Unfortunately I’ll not be able to attend physically but I’ll be with you all in spirit ?
Enjoy the day , Hello to all that attend, Tony H

Hi Chris,
Hope you are keeping well, commercial airline retirement commences in 2 weeks for me, hope to catch up in the future. Very much regret that Kay and I are unable to attend the final function due to 2 other activities that weekend. Any other weekend would have been perfect!
You cannot miss my new machine:

Thank you for looking after the association for all these past years. 
All the best, Rod W

G’morn Chris,

Regrettably I’m unable to join the gathering; just a tad far from Bristol, but may I offer my good wishes to all those who are attending, particularly from the 1972-1975 vintage where my photo album, compiled by Bruce Monk, remains a treasured possession and a suitable reminder that, once upon a time, we were young!

As aye, Jock H

Hi Chris,

Well, the end has finally arrived for most of us. I am a survivor of the Jever Laundry days and I still have photos of the Sabre days and the first Hunter 4s. I only ever saw the Harriers whilst on brief visit back to my old home in Cawthorpe, Bourne and attending the reunion at Cottesmore. Incredibly, my first engagement in the UK was at the Plessey works at Ilford Essex, where i was engaged on the hydraulic systems development for the P1127. The Kestrel. Later of course, the Harrier.

I cannot believe the time flash past since 1953 at Jever. I have resided in Australia for the last 33 years and it is very unlikely that I shall ever return again, I am 86 now, still feel around 50 but a little slower. I have a Squadron cap and wear this constantly. Just a quiet reminder of who I was in those days. I can remember Sylt very well. The first time I ever saw a nude woman !!! Good days.I doubt that anyone would remember me and the Christmas party we had in attic section of the accommodation block with the tennis court seen from the from window, the walk to the hangar and the view across to where 92 were captive. I certainly haven’t forgotten. I had a few years travelling after Jever and it seemed that nothing could be the same.

Well, I wish all other survivors especially those fortunate enough to have a last farewell gathering. I am really sad that I could not be there this time, if only to see fellow survivors from that time. I cannot complain at my choice of life interests. At my age, I remain reasonably fit and have more good memories than those not so good. Today the first act of the day is to shower, shave,  dress and make the bed. Crazy !!! Again, good luck and farewell. Thanks for the good memories and for the life 4 Squadron (Shiny 4) gave me to live up to ever since.
My Best Regards, Bill W alias Styx.  

Hi Chris,
Great to hear from you. Thanks for letting us all know of the impending beer call to celebrate/mourn the cessation of future meetings. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend even though it is only a 15 min walk from home as we are away over in Norfolk on a mini holiday, providing of course that we can afford the fuel by then or unless of course that nutter Putin has other ideas for us all.

Please give my best wishes to those who remember me and even those that don’t want to remember me………I hope all have a great evening and have happy memories to share. 
If things change I will let you know…..
Stay safe mate, Bill O

Hi Chris
Glad to hear you get to have another beer call.  No I won’t be attending.
We have managed to come through the last two years trials without contracting any of the various versions of COVID19 so far, but it has now become widespread in NZ and may only be a matter of time.
Enjoy your meet in April, Harry K

Dear Chris,
First of all, many thanks for the kind  invitation.
Living the life of a beach bum here in Tanzania currently mitigates against much travel at the moment , however I see that I will be ” down sarf”  in Seef Efrika at that time in any event.
Do remind anybody that “Quick of the RIC” still cherishes his time with the Squadron 76 to 78 and wishes everybody a great evening.
Do give my best to Mekon and Steve Cheeseman in any event 🙂 
Kind Regards, Geoff Q,
P.S. Quick’s  (6 site)  4 Sqn RIC  c.1977. photo attached. 🙂 

6 Site, 1977

2 comments to 4 Sqn Final Beer Call – Selected Responses

  • Nigel Vernon

    Chris, Would be a privilege and honour to attend the final beer call. Along with the wife (driver) we are looking forward to seeing many faces we can’t put a name to ?

               Nigel V.

  • You’re on the list, Nigel!

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