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Mossies at Sylt – an Ode

With thanks to Leslie de Garis (1947-1950), a short ode to Armament Practice Camp at Sylt:

There came one fine morning a Squadron to Sylt, Equipped with Mosquitoes, of wood they were built, With cannon and bomb they determined to score Every point that they could and the Squadron was Four. The drogue had a rough time and that goes for List, Though half of the time they were thoroughly pissed All credit to ground crews, they worked at full bore But then that’s what you expect, ‘cos the Squadron was Four. There came the day they were on air-to-ground And four virgin targets were there to be found, Those four virgin targets were rogered and sore, But then that’s what you expect, ‘cos the Squadron was Four. Time will pass by, and other Squadrons will come They’ll look at our records and feel very glum, For there are Squadrons and Squadrons and Squadrons galore, But there is only one real one and that one is Four.

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