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FourFax Going Virtual Only


This email went out today (28 April 2021) to everyone in my records. Out of 805 emails, 140 bounced back as they are no longer in use. If you didn’t receive the email you may contact me at chr*s@fourf** with your response. It would also be great if you could login to (click on “Profile” on the left) and update your email address.

Dear All,

I started FourFax back in 1990 when I realised that IV(AC) Squadron didn’t have an official association. For the first few years the association was run as a paper newsletter from Hong Kong. Later on I started the website which has grown as a resource over the years with plenty of history, stories and photographs. We now have over 1,000 members recorded (although I know that many members don’t update their details unless there is a reunion coming up).

We have organised many reunions over the years, starting with Wittering 1991  the latest being the Sqn’s 105th Anniversary at Stamford in 2017, and the two most successful, the Sqn 90th at Cottesmore in 2002 and the Sqn Centenary at Valley in 2012.

However, things are changing.

  1. The Sqn is now at RAF Valley and is likely to remain there for many years. This makes it very difficult to organise reunions and include the Sqn.
  2. The Harrier was withdrawn from service over ten years ago. The latest Sqn bosses have made little effort to support the Association and Hawk pilots have not signed up – they probably see us as a Harrier club.
  3. The Harrier Force Association covers all Harrier Sqns and personnel, and organises reunions every two years (in normal times). The Harrier Engineer Annual Reunion (HEAR) also does great work in the Stamford area.
  4. The committee has remained unchanged since we started – myself, Tony McKeon and Steve Cheeseman. We are now all retired and can see no future in continuing to run the Association as a vehicle for reunions. We do wish the website to continue to be maintained so that its valuable resources are preserved.

The Association has funds of approximately £4,000. The sum has gone up and down over the years – at the beginning I charged annual and lifetime membership to cover the costs of printing the physical newsletter and postage from Hong Kong. In later years, commercial sponsorship of the larger reunions has kept the bank balance healthy. We now have to decide what to do with these funds.

Our proposals are:

  1. £200 be passed on to me so that the website expenses are covered for the foreseeable future.
  2. A beer call is held in the Stamford area (once COVID rules permit) at no cost to the attendees.
  3. A donation is made to the RAF Benevolent Fund.
  4. A donation is made to the Harrier Force Association.

The Committee feels the distribution of funds requires your consideration and asks you to reply to this email with one of the following choices:

  1. Beer call then remainder of the funds to RAFBF
  2. Beer call then remainder of the funds to HFA
  3. Beer call then remainder of the funds divided equally between the HFA & RAFBF
  4. All funds to RAFBF (no beer call)
  5. All funds to HFA (no beer call)
  6. Funds divided equally between the RAFBF & HFA (no beer call)

Please select one option and reply to this email.

The committee also welcomes any suggestions or ideas that you might have.

Edit: This poll will close on Sunday 9 May.

Many thanks for your support over the last thirty years,

Chris Parker, Tony McKeon, Steve Cheeseman

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