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16-Ship Video: It’s Not War

ItsNotWar from One F on Vimeo.

Includes excerpts from the final UK Harrier GR9/T12 flight on 15 Dec 2010, during which a 16 ship formation was flown. Includes RF 10-3, Auriga 10 and RAF Wittering/Cottesmore.

1 comment to 16-Ship Video: It’s Not War

  • From Iain Mackinnon 1(F) Sqn:

    Thank you for the brilliant video. As No1 Sqn Association member I had a wonderful day with you all at Cottesmore in November Many thanks for your kindness on such sad times. A photograph was taken at the end of the hanger of all the assembled group but we have never seen any copies. Can you help? Bryan Baker (Ex OC No 1 ) and myself came up from Tangmere where we work as volunteers at the museum. Please check out We still hope to see some of you visiting us down here at the home of No1 Sqn

    To all the ground crew Cheers! Remember our motto Ubendum Wemendum

    Regards Iain Mackinnon Eng/Mec (T) 4183295 Sir…

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