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IV(AC) History

I’ve found an official – i.e. the RAF’s – version of the history of the Squadron, as a downloadable pdf on the RAF website. It’s now on the fourfax server. To download the file (6.3mb), click here to get it from fourfax or click here to get it from the RAF.

To read a pdf file you will need a copy of Adobe Reader (or Preview, preinstalled on a Mac).

2 comments to IV(AC) History

  • petemears

    Hi Chris

    Sorry to be pedantic, but for the sake of accuracy, I think there is an error in the ‘official’ 4 Sqn history. In the chapter ‘Cold War – Harrier 1’ (page 30) it says that Pete Taylor’s crash in XV794 (4 May 72) was the first 4 Sqn loss. I believe that we lost Chris Humphries in XW918 on 12 Jan 72. Although I recollect ‘918 was in 3 Sqn markings (it was one of four Harriers so marked (XW763, 764 and 917 were the other three) that we operated as ‘our own’ jets for some time, and anyway, Chris was a 4 Sqn pilot. Can anyone else shed any further light on this? Regards Pete

  • Hi Pete,

    I think it’s important to get this stuff right! 1972 was before my time – anybody have the facts?

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