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Spitfire P7505 – Update

Some more information from Anthony Hodge:

The RAF Aircraft Movement Records for Spitfire P7505

P7505 a Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIA was manufactured in the Castle Bromwich factory in the West Midlands, and was number 132 off the production line. It was transferred to no. 8 Maintenance Unit on October 10th 1940, and then, just at that critical time during the final stage of the Battle of Britain, P7505 was delivered to 66 Squadron on October 21st.

On November 12th P7505 received Category ?C2? damage due to enemy action. After repairs were made the Spitfire was then handed over to 91 Squadron on February 14th 1941. On May 6th, 118 Squadron took the plane over with the code number NK – T.

On July 31st, the plane was handed over to 403 Squadron. On August 4th, 54 Squadron took the plane over. Spitfire P7505 was handed back to 403 Squadron on August 25th.

On August 30th P7505 had a Flying Accident resulting in Category ?B? damage. On September 2nd the plane was sent away to be repaired and converted to a Spitfire Mk VA, fitted with a Merlin 45 engine, at Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble. It was then returned to 54 Squadron on March 1st 1942.

133 Squadron had P7505 from March 10th. Then 601 Squadron took the plane over on April 10th, (but may actually have been used by 421 Squadron instead). Afterwards 164 Squadron used P7505 from May 20th. On August 17th the Spitfire had a Category ?A? Flying Accident. On September 10th, 602 Squadron took over the plane until September 22nd when P7505 was flown to Scottish Aviation Ltd for a Major Inspection and overhaul.

On October 21st P7505 was flown to to Philips and Powis Ltd for a fuel system modification.

On January 25th 1943 the Spitfire was then transferred to Heston Aircraft ltd for a major conversion into a PR. XIII Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire, and was fitted with a Merlin 32 engine.

Approximately nine months later, on December 30th 1943, P7505 was delivered to 4 Squadron for Photo Reconnaissance training duties.

Spitfire P7505 is recorded being at no 6 Maintenance Unit on March 31st 1944. and was struck off charge on March 28th 1945.

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