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Disbandment Parade Photos

… are now online in the Harrier GR7 & GR9 Gallery. If you have any photos of the parade to share, please upload them to the gallery or email them to me. (Brian, may I grab yours from your Flickr feed?)

Sorry for the delay, my broadband connection went down for two days. More soon. Here’s a selection:

The parade itself went very well once everyone had negotiated their way past the guardroom. The Squadron had finished flying last Friday (with a nine-ship!) so it could concentrate on the parade. In the event winter returned so the parade took place in the Squadron hangar.

A buffet lunch followed and Des Davies presented the Squadron with his latest painting. Squadron History Room was open all day so there was the traditional poring over the Squadron Diaries before we took our leave.

IV(Army Cooperation) Squadron is now IV(Reserve) Squadron, the Harrier training unit at RAF Wittering. The Association is carrying on as before and plans are continuing for the 100th Anniversary in 2012. At this stage, all we can say is that it’s likely to be a hangar party at RAF Wittering.

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