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2008 Southend Air Show – Air Cadet HF Radio

From a pilot pal for any pilots flying this weekend:

Again this year Essex Air Cadets will be helping at the Southend Air Show on 25 and 26 May. As well as helping with organising and running the Show there will be a demonstration Radio Station on Air. The station will be using very basic equipment but if conditions are good it is hoped to make many contacts. They will be on Air during day time as below.

If you have an opportunity during your flight to contact us on your HF radio suggested information to send is set out below. This year special frequencies have been assigned for use and details are as follows: Short Range: 5420 Khz – Up to 500 miles Medium Range: 11184 Khz – 700 to 2000 miles 13218 Khz 900 to 2500 Miles These distance are approximate and will depend on the conditions on the day.

Our Callsign: MRV 50 Transmission times: 0900Z to 1600Z

Please remember that you will possibly be talking to a 13 year old cadet and this will be their first time talking on a radio, so they might ask you to repeat a few times! Please be patient. Likewise if you don?t have the correct order they won?t mind!

Your Callsign Signal Report (Radio Check) Aircraft Type Aircraft Registration Aircraft location/position Departure Airport Destination Airport Flight Level Air Speed ETA Destination Additional Information you may wish to add

If conditions are difficult you may wish to send only a selection of above.

Other Air Cadet Stations may be on the Air and if you can not contact us they may ask you to pass the information through them. Air Cadet Call signs all start MR.

Many thanks and on behalf of the cadets we look forward to speaking to you

George Capon Sqn Ldr RAFVR(T)

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