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The People’s Mosquito

This looks like a very worthwhile project:

If I might be allowed to introduce myself, I am the Director, Project Engineering & Airframe Compliance, The People’s Mosquito Ltd. We are a charitable organization with but one aim – to restore a Mosquito to flight status, and see it based in the UK, as a flying memorial to all those who were associated with this magnificent aircraft. After negotiations with the CAA, we can announce that our New Zealand partner, Aerowood Ltd has begun production of a series of Mosquito wing ribs in Canadian Spruce and other woods, a the first stage of the project. Obviously, we would welcome any help towards the quite considerable costs of this venture, and since No. IV Squadron operated both the PR.XVI and the superb FB.VI (the version we are building) we do hope that members of the Association might wish to donate towards our fundraising appeal.

You can find out more about our work on the following webpage, which also has a splendid colour film, shot in August, 1944, showing the Mosquito in action.

Kind regards

Ross Sharp

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