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Rob Hartley’s 50th Birthday Presentation

From Ade Bushell:

When Rob Hartley was a “young” FLM on 4 Squadron back in April 1982, he concreted his name in the annals of the squadron history by trying to drive a long-wheel base land-rover around the blast-wall outside HAS 6 at RAF Gutersloh.

He got about half-way around when disaster struck and the land-rover succumbed to gravity. Normally, this kind of incident can go unnoticed, unfortunately for Rob, he had 8 other Line FLM’s in the land-rover with him.

Needless to say we never let a “get together” go by without reminding him of the day he nearly killed off an entire shift of “Linnies.”

And so it proved at his 50th birthday.

Attached are a couple of photos of the April 1982 “Wall of Death” incident.

Photo by Ade Bushell

Photo by Ade Bushell

Photo by Ade Bushell

Photo by Ade Bushell

1 comment to Rob Hartley’s 50th Birthday Presentation

  • Stuart White

    I remember it well, it was my future father-in-Law the then WO MT Deplyment who managed to keep this incident a low profile. I think Rob did get a B*****ing for not keeping the speed up! Bottled it halfway round.


    Stu White

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