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Volunteers Required

Harrier T4 XW269

We’re hoping to get Harrier T4 airframe XW269 to Valley for the Centenary. It’s been lovingly rebuilt by Mike Spiers’s team at Selby and is in the process of moving to the Caernarfon Air Museum.

Harrier T4 XW269 Dismantled

If we get it (big if), it will probably arrive on Friday afternoon (21 Sep) and leave on Sunday afternoon (23 Sep). It will be transported on a flat-loader of some kind, and it is moved in four parts. The driver will be an ex-Harrier airframe mechanic who knows how to put the four pieces together, but he will need some help.

Any volunteers to help put together XW269 on 21 Sep and dismantle it again on 23 Sep? Please let me know:

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