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Chris Burwell’s New Book

From Chris:

Although I never served on IV(AC) Sqn, I did get a Combat Ready Certificate (Attack & Recce) from the Sqn to take part in the Taceval in 1979!
Members of the Association may be interested to know that Grub Street Publishers in London have just released a book on my career in aviation which, amongst other things, covers my training on 233 OCU, a tour on 1(F) Sqn (including the Taceval in the field with IV(AC) Sqn), a Flt Cdr tour on 3(F) Sqn, two detachments commanding the Harrier detachment at Stanley, and Bos’s tour back on 1(F) Sqn. The book is called ‘Nine Lives the Compelling Memoir of a Cold War Harrier Pilot‘.

Please feel free to publicise this on your Association website if you think your members would be interested. I can provide a flyer for the book signing events if you wish to use this – just let me know.
Many thanks.
Chris Burwell

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