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IV Sqn Stained Glass Window

Sqn Stained Glass Window Design

We are now in a position to start raising donations for the Stained Glass Window.

The Stained Glass Window is now being constructed and will be consecrated at a church service at RAF Valley on Sunday 23 September, after the Centenary celebrations. The full cost of the window is £800 and the Association is trying to raise £400 of that. All money raised will be put towards the cost of the window.

If you would like to donate, please use complete an internet transfer to the Four Squadron Association bank account, using the same details that you used to pay for the Centenary weekend (please change the reference to “window”) and we will transfer our combined donation to the Sqn at the end of the donation period (1 Sep 2012).

If you do not have these details, please email me (I’m obviously reluctant to post the bank account details here).

Many thanks for your support,

Chris & the IV Sqn Centenary Committee

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