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More Photos from Pete Mears

Pete has sent me some sixteen [update: 23!] more photos from field deployments in 1972 and 1973. As usual, they are all in the Harrier GR1 & Harrier GR3 Gallery. Here are three of them. Can we identify all the people in the middle shot?

2 comments to More Photos from Pete Mears

  • petemears

    Regarding names to faces on the Ahden line tent photo:

    As far as I can remember (memory fading rapidly!) the guys are (L to R): Jim Marshall (FS Eng), Ricky Lynn, Frank Tofts, Mick Tinsley, John Duffield (behind cam net), Dave Beswick. Seated: John(?) Finnegan, Bill Leckie, ????? – last face slips my mind.

  • That’s great, Pete! Thanks for the photos and keep them coming!

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