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Lost Members

All of the people on this list previously registered with us as members but have since changed their email addresses. If anybody has contact details for any of these members, please let them know about the Centenary and let me have their new address – thanks!

Dave Adcroft, Fitter (Eng), 85-90, Gutersloh

Jim Andrews, Rects Controller, 79-83, Gutersloh

Brad Appleby, Fitter (Flt Systems), Fitter (Radar), Fitter (Radio), 90-94, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Jason Ariss, Mech (Airframe), Jan 98-Mar 99, Laarbruch

Frank Aspinall, Fitter (Armourer), 82-85, Gutersloh

Stu Atha, Pilot, Dep Flt Cdr, Flt Cdr, Exec, QFI, 91-94 & 95-98, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Bob Begg, Mech (Airframe), 77-80, Gutersloh, Wittering

Paul Bell, FLM, 82-85, Gutersloh

David Blackler, Fitter (Airframe), May 82-May 85, Gutersloh

Bill Blake, Pilot, QWI, 54-57, Jever

Terence Broadbent, ATC, 91-93, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

David Brown, FLM, Dec 79-Jul 81, Gutersloh

Phil Brown, Intelligence Officer, Mar 01-?, Cottesmore

Daniel Cartright, Fitter (Armourer), Apr 01-?, Cottesmore

William Chandler, Fitter (Airframe), 59-60,

Mark Claxton, Safety Equipment, 83-86 & 88-93, Gutersloh

Phillip Clifford, Fitter (Flt Systems), Fitter (Radar), Fitter (Radio), Oct 00-?, Cottesmore

David Clunie, GLO, Jan-Dec 95, Laarbruch

Pete Cockman, Pilot, QFI, IRE, ACI, Flt Cdr, Exec, Mar 78-Nov 80, May 82-Aug 82 & Aug 87-Apr 90, Gutersloh

Dick Cooke, Technician Electrical, 85-89, Gutersloh

Boris Cowen, GLO, Jan 98-Apr 00, Cottesmore, Laarbruch

Trevor Cox, Fitter (Eng), Aug 01-?, Cottesmore

Steve Craig, Fitter (Airframe), Jan 94-Jan 97, Laarbruch

Desmond Davies, Fitter II E, Aug 49-Nov 51, Wahn, Celle, Wunstorf

Iain Dick, Pilot, Adjutant, Mar 49-Apr 51, Wahn, Celle, Wunstorf

Neil Dodd, Fitter (Armourer), 83-87 & 88-92, Gutersloh

Jim Dunne, Fitter (Eng), 76-77, Gutersloh, Wildenrath

Glenn Edge, Pilot, QFI, IRE, Dep Flt Cdr, Flt Cdr, Exec, Jun 77-Nov 80, Jun 82-Oct 84 & Nov 86-Sep 89, Gutersloh

Ken Fairbank, Pilot, 92-93, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Sean Fairley, Fitter (Eng), Aug 97-Oct 02, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Tom Fenton, Fitter (Airframe), 84-86, Gutersloh

Glen Forde, Fitter (Flt Systems), 90-93, Gutersloh

Keith Gardner, Pilot, May 04-?, Cottesmore

Norman Giffin, Pilot, Flt Cdr, Dec 52-Apr 55, Jever

Graham Gill, Technician Electrical, Jul 94-Mar 99, Laarbruch

Stephanie Glass, , Sep 03-?, Cottesmore

Paul Goodier, Fitter (Airframe), Mech (Airframe), Nov 01-?, Cottesmore

Rob Gottlich, Pilot, USMC Exchange, Jan 85 – Oct 86, Gutersloh

Clive Green, Rects Controller, Fitter (Eng), 90-95, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Doug Greenway, Photo Interpreter, Apr 77-Aug 81, Gutersloh

Glenn Hennessy, Fitter (Airframe), Aug 93-Aug 96, Laarbruch

Al Holman, Pilot, QWI, FRI, ACI, Apr 77-Feb 80, Gutersloh

Kevin Jackson, Mech (Eng), Nov 77-May 80, Gutersloh

Matthew Jarvis, Pilot, IRE, EWI, Sep 98-Jan 02, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Simon Jessett, Pilot, Dep Flt Cdr, QWI, EWI, Jun 99-Sep 00, Cottesmore

Mark Johnson, FLM, Technician Electrical, Oct 87-Apr 90, Gutersloh

Jack Kennedy, Photographer, Jan 61-Feb 62, Gutersloh, Jever

Jeff Kent, Technician Electrical, 94-97, Laarbruch

Karl Le Flem, Clerk, Sep 01-?, Cottesmore

M Lethbridge, Fitter (Armourer), 56-59,

Sam Limon, Fitter (Armourer), Apr 01-?, Cottesmore

Dave Lindsay, Pilot, Aug 04-?, Cottesmore

Chris Lord, Fitter (Armourer), Aug 97-Apr 00, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Tony Marsh, Fitter (Armourer), Sep 95-May 02, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Alexander Martin, Technician Electrical, Oct 01-?, Cottesmore

Paul Matthews, Fitter (Flt Systems), 94-98, Laarbruch

David McKay, Technician Electrical, Aug 99-Jul 02, Cottesmore

Alistair McMurdo, Fitter (Armourer), Apr 01-?, Cottesmore

James McTavish, Rects Controller, 87-90 & 91-94, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Colin Medhurst, Fitter (Armourer), 65-68, Gutersloh

Steve Neasham, JEngO, Jul 99-Mar 01, Cottesmore

Rab Nesbitt, Fitter (Airframe), 94-99, Laarbruch

Neal Newnham, Pilot, Dep Flt Cdr, QFI, QWI, 96-98, Laarbruch

Gordon Nisbet, SEngO, 86-90, Gutersloh

Tony O’Neill, Technician Electrical, 90-94, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Adrian Oakey, FLM, Mech (Airframe), Aug 99-?, Cottesmore

Paul Parry, Fitter (Airframe), Apr 98-?, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Nigel Payne, Fitter (Flt Systems), Oct 94-May 00, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Tony Pearce, Pilot, May 54-Feb 57, Jever

Martin Pigott, Mech (Radar), Oct 86-Oct 87, Gutersloh

Adrian Price, Supplier, 85-88, Gutersloh

Mark Radcliffe, Fitter (Airframe), Nov 95-Sep 99, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Andrew Read, JEngO, Apr 92-Dec 93, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Gwyn Richardson, Pilot, QFI, IRE, Jan 84-May 87, Gutersloh

Bryan Roberts, Line Controller, Rects Controller, 96-98, Laarbruch

David Rose, Fireman, 83-86, Gutersloh

Al Salter, JEngO, Aug 98-Jul 00, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

Andrew Schofield, Rects Controller, Jun 92-Apr 99, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Mark Sharp, Pilot, IRE, EWO, Apr 98-?, Cottesmore

Garry Smith, Adjutant, Jul -02-?, Cottesmore

Andrew Souter, Fitter (Armourer), May 77-Jul 79, Gutersloh

Mark Sparrow, Pilot, Jan 04-?, Cottesmore

Reggie Spiers, Sqn Cdr, Pilot, Feb 59-Nov 61, Jever

David Stanbridge, Photographer, Jul 65-Dec 96,

Paul Steel, Fitter (Airframe), Fitter (Eng), Sep 03-?, Cottesmore

Colin Stephens, Pilot, 82-85, Gutersloh

Craig Stevens, Fitter (Eng), Jan 88-Jul 90, Gutersloh

Bruce Stocken, FLM, 82-84, Gutersloh

Dave Tandy, Technician Electrical, 93-96, Laarbruch

Bob Taylor, Fitter (Eng), Aug 85-Aug 87, Gutersloh

Richie Thomas, Pilot, Flt Cdr, Exec, 81-84, Gutersloh

Richard Thornhill, Rects Controller, Oct 01-?, Cottesmore

Gary Tomkinson, Fitter (Airframe), Oct 02-?, Cottesmore

Stephen Towers, Mech (Eng), Jun 00-?, Cottesmore

John Turner, Survival Equipment, Sep 01-?, Cottesmore

Cendrine Varley, , ,

Steve Wake, Fitter (Flt Systems), Fitter (Radar), Fitter (Radio), Apr 01-?, Cottesmore

Leigh Ward, Mech (Airframe), Nov 00-?, Cottesmore

Mark Watters, GLO, Sep 01-?, Gutersloh

Mark Welsh, Pilot, ACI, EWI, 91-94, Gutersloh, Laarbruch

Nigel Wilkinson, Pilot, Aug 73-May 76, Wildenrath

David Woodman, JEngO, 78-81, Gutersloh

Adrian Wookey, Technician Electrical, Sep 95-Apr 00, Laarbruch, Cottesmore

2 comments to Lost Members

  • desstewart

    Re Colin Medhurst, I did contact Fourfax sometime ago to say that he had died a few years back from liver cancer.

    I also met Desmond Davies in Bristol 25 years ago during the time that he was doing paintings and drawings of the aircraft used by IV Squadron. I can only think that he too has passed away by now.

    Regards Des Stewart PS: Having been ill for a little while, this is the first time I have logged back in. I am finding the site a lot different to what it was before.

  • Thanks for the info re. Colin Medhurst – I’ve now updated my records. Des was at the Sqn event when the Sqn became IV(R) at Wittering, some five years ago. Still going strong then, donated a painting to the Sqn to commemorate the event.

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