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Update from Kevin Marsh

Hi Chris, I thought I owed you an update for the fourfax website.

The day after I handed over Command of IV Sqn in June, I flew out from RAF Brize Norton to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan where I am currently serving as Chief of Staff (Operations) at 904 Expeditionary Air Wing.

IV Sqn Painting Kandahar

IV Sqn Painting Kandahar

Kandahar Airfield (or KAF as it is known by many) has changed quite a bit since the Harriers operated here, but some things such as the Boardwalk and the Poo Pond have not changed a great deal! 904 EAW supports UK detachments of Tornado GR4, C130J Hercs, BAe-146 Mk3 (a brand new UOR transport version flown by 32(TR) Sqn) and UK Reapers. Although the role has not changed a great deal, but with transition to the Afghans in full swing, the challenges faced by everyone on Op HERRICK has changed somewhat.

IV Sqn Painting Kandahar

IV Sqn Painting Kandahar

I was surprised that I could find little evidence and history of the Harrier era in and around 904 EAW’s building, and although there are many concrete barriers festooned with Tornado sqn art, no one knew of any Harrier paintings. As part of my arrivals, I visited the UK Reapers and to my surprise I found 7 concrete blocks covered in Harrier det art being used as a shelter! I’ve attached photos of the two IV Sqn ones, which I hope will bring back memories to some of you.

My plan is to rescue these pieces of history sometime in the next few weeks and place them in the 904 EAW compound so that they can be on display. I will post an update of when this happens – I am hoping to get BFBS and the RAF News to cover the event.

I’m not sure that they will ever make it to the UK, but hopefully their images will be preserved in some way.

Wing Commander Kev Marsh, OC IV Sqn 2011-2013

904 EAW Badge

904 EAW Badge

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