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Master Pilot Bernard Douglas Saxby AFM

Master Pilot Bernard Douglas Saxby AFM

From Keith Nicholls:

My cousin, the late Master Pilot Bernard Douglas Saxby AFM, served as a Sgt & Flt Sgt Pilot with 4 squadron from 29-11-1946 until 31-11-1951. I have compiled a book on his flying career using his log books, photographs and letters etc. This is not being published as it is for his family only, however the section which covers his years with 4 squadron I have avalable in MS Word for your use in the 4 squadron history. It contains photographs of his and the squadron Mosquitos and his collegues on the squadron, and also details all his operations with 4 squadron.

This is a fascinating account of the early post-war years in Germany when the Sqn operated Mosquitos and then Vampires.

I’ve converted the Word files into a single pdf. Download it from our Library (13.5 mb)

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