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Harrier Force Association: Informal Annual Get-together

From the HFA:

The HFA are pleased to instigate an informal annual get-together in Stamford. It will be held on the first Friday of each December with the first get-together occurring on 2 Dec 11 at the London Inn, 4 St. Johns Street, Stamford PE9 2DB. Apparently the Chinook brigade have been running a similar scheme for many years which is has become very successful. No advertising is neccessary; they know that anyone can pitch up at the Bull & Swan, Rotorville, on the first Friday of December and will be sure of finding fellow Chinook mates to share a drink with. We hope to have similar success for our annual get-togethers, so see you on Friday 2nd December.

3 comments to Harrier Force Association: Informal Annual Get-together

  • mikekelly

    Is this not a bit of a kick in the teeth to the owners of the Greenman who did such an excellent job last year and who said they would be very happy to do it every year? I fail to see the connection between the london inn and the harrier. The Greenman and the Golden Fleece were both the preferred drinking holes and this feels like an insult to them?

  • Hi Mike, This has all been organised by the HFA, I’m just passing the message on…

  • mikekelly

    Sory, wasnt a dig at yourself, just wondering what everyones thoughts were on London inn

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