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Fighter Pilots

Great little video about what it means to be a fighter pilot:

Thunder Tales

1 comment to Fighter Pilots

  • alanpollock

    Congrats once more on yr splendid site (& in particular the ‘Fighter Pilot’ link on Fourfax by the author (ex USAF too) of the Robin Olds biog including some sharp even poetic words on what it is to be a fighter pilot etc? I was fortunate to meet Robin Olds at Mildenhall once for part of my WW2 archive project – he was quite a bloke and the biography of him is well worth a read too, organized by his daughter from some of his papers etc. He commanded No.1(F) Sqn too on Meteors and his description in the No.1(F) history of his first sortie “check-out” over here is hilarious and from memory repeated in his book or nearly the same & as he regaled me partly with!

    I was so late re-visiting Fourfax, as up to my ears with too many commitments elsewhere, so sincere apologies for my seeming rudeness after all yr sterling efforts – good too that you are mutually supportive with all Mick Ryan’s Jever Steam Laundry. I did not delay last night to see whether you are linked to Tim Webb’s evolving Hunter site

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