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105th Anniversary Reunion

A small reunion was held to celebrate the 105th anniversary of IV Sqn on 11 November 2017 at the Burghley Park Golf Club in Stamford. Many thanks to Tony McKeon for making the arrangements with the Club, Andy KP for arranging the golf and for the Club for making us so welcome.

About fifty members attended and spent a happy evening reminiscing and looking forward to the 110th in 2012!

From Jim:

Hi Chris/Steve Thanks for arranging the excellent reunion last night. Caroline and I throughly enjoyed ourselves and it was good to meet old friends once again and have the time to sit and chat in the comfort of such pleasant surroundings! Please also pass on our thanks to Tony. We look forward to the next do in 5 years’ time and will certainly make the effort to travel to Valley if that ends up being the chosen location. Great to meet the ladies as well and get to know Karen better. Cheers Jim

From Richard:

Hi Chris: Thanks for the good time last evening – a really Bona Party! It was kind of you to be so welcoming to an old engineer! Please pass on to Tony, Che and the boys. All the best, Richard

From Nicky:

Thank you for organising such a lovely evening. It was a great chance to catch up with everyone and I thought the venue was ideal for conversation! I, for one, never underestimate the role of the organisers. Thank you all so much. Cheers, Nicky

From Glenn,

Dear Chris and Tony, Thank you so much for organising a really enjoyable event on Saturday. How you managed to hire the venue, provide an excellent curry and free booze I do not know, but if a further sub is needed please don’t hesitate to call. Please pass on my thanks to Steve as I have lost his contact details. Tony, we hope Kate will soon be well and hopefully we will see you again in the not too distant future. Once again, thank you for your initiative and hard work in providing a great do. Best wishes Glenn and Carol

From Hoppy:

Chris, Thank you for an outstanding evening on Saturday which I thoroughly enjoyed. There were several former colleagues there from my time on 4 Sqn Harriers Wildenrath & Gutersloh which made it a really good reunion for catching up (Tony McK, Syd, Steve, Bruce, Ross, Glenn, Mike W and Jim). Also Pete G from my time with 4 Sqn Hunter FR10s in 1966. Tony McK and I were flight commanders on 4 (he was Flt Cdr Attack and I was Flt Cdr Recce). Then in 1982 I took over from Tony as OR40(RAF) in MoD for the Harrier & Jaguar replacement work. Similarly a decade earlier I had taken over from Pete Gover in HQ 2ATAF in the 2-man international recce ops team at Rheindahlen. I mentioned that my father (Hugh G White) had been on 4 Sqn for a month in 1922. I have copied below my notes on this period based on his photo albums and log books, together with a copy of a letter he wrote in 1966 in answer to a researcher. You are welcome to add any of this to the 4 Sqn website if you think it would fit in. All the best, Hoppy

[Ed: Hugh’s story is now online]

From Mike:

Hi Chris, just a quick email to thank you and the team for organising a splendid evening. It was great to see so many people from my era on the Squadron and find out what they have been doing since. Best wishes, Mike

From Jamie:

Hi Chris, Just a quick thanks for an excellent get-together last Saturday. Great to see so many old (take that word how you like) faces. I thought everyone seemed to be chilled and very much enjoying it; great effort, and only a tenner, too. Enjoying Long Beach at the moment; flew Lionel Ritchie out among others. Sunday afternoon at LHR was typical; slow and late getting away… not ‘easy like Sunday morning…’ Best regards, Jamie PS, I forgot to ask, are you still playing that trombone?

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