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A Word from the Association President

From Tony McKeon:

We will all be deeply saddened by the news of the closure of the Harrier Force. This unique and flexible aircraft has given outstanding service around the world; most notably in Belize, the Falklands, Kosovo and Afghanistan. The Harrier gave Campaign planners a great number of deployment and basing options, and quick responsiveness to the Army’s support requirements. It is to be hoped that the loss of this capability will not prove to be critical in some future conflict. Whilst we Association members will be sad, I am sure you would all join me in sending our sincere good wishes for the future to the current members of the Harrier Force in this turbulent and disturbing time for them.

Although at this time I do not have detailed timings, the plans for closure are broadly:

  • The final Harrier flights will be on the 15th December.
  • On the 28th January (laying-up of the IV (AC) Squadron Standard) there will be a parade, light lunch, Open Squadron, and laying-up of the Standard. There will then be a break before a final Dinner Night at Wittering, 7:30 for 8pm. Wittering has a very limited seating capacity, so you need to book early (first come, first served).

[Please see this post on FourFax for details on the events and how to book them]

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